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The Transformative Power of Education: Indiana Poret’s Journey to the French Parliament

Indiana Poret is a Parliamentary Advisor in the French National Assembly and an alumna of Students For Liberty (SFL). With a firm belief in the transformative power of education, she actively engaged in campus activism and now represents the voices of people from 72 French towns in the French Parliament.

Indiana’s pro-liberty worldviews were greatly shaped by her upbringing on a farm in rural France. It was during her interactions with newborn animals that she came to a profound realization: no one is born bad or mean. Instead, it is the interactions with the outside world that can shape an animal’s behavior. This insight led her to believe that the same principle applies to humans. According to Indiana, education plays a vital role in transforming individuals into good and respectful beings. 

Having experienced the lessons of her childhood firsthand, Indiana recognizes the importance of ensuring that people are educated on being open-minded toward other cultures and developing curiosity about the world. For her, this is a crucial aspect of fostering a society that values diversity and respects the rights of individuals.

In her quest to broaden her understanding of different cultures, Indiana embarked on a transformative journey at Troy University in the deep south of Alabama. There, she immersed herself in the fields of pre-law studies and social sciences, fully embracing the opportunity to learn and grow. Adjusting to life in the Bible Belt presented Indiana with a unique and unfamiliar environment, but her open-mindedness fueled her desire to connect with a diverse range of individuals and glean wisdom from their experiences. It was during this time that Indiana swiftly became an active campus activist, eagerly joining the ranks of the SFL Local Coordinator Program.

Reflecting on the impact of bringing SFL volunteers to Troy University, Indiana expressed her unwavering belief in the brilliance of the idea. Engaging with students who, owing to their cultural backgrounds, initially exhibited a more confined outlook when it came to international open-mindedness, presented its fair share of challenges. However, witnessing the gradual transformation of their perspectives toward a more accepting and inclusive worldview made every hurdle worthwhile. Indiana wholeheartedly commended the SFL volunteers for their exceptional ability to connect with people, employing precisely tailored arguments that resonated deeply. 

Through her experiences studying in the United States, Indiana has discerned a significant disparity in the way governments curate the knowledge imparted to their citizens. The French government presented history from a different perspective, while her studies in the U.S. provided a wholly distinct approach. Recognizing the limitations of government-tailored education, Indiana believes that organizations like SFL play a crucial role in imparting ideas that governments often overlook. SFL empowers young individuals with critical thinking and a broader understanding of the world.

After graduating from Troy University, Indiana returned to her hometown and embarked on a political journey as a parliamentary advisor in the French National Assembly. Reflecting on her experience, Indiana shared, “One day, a representative from a political party in France approached me, acknowledging my extensive involvement with SFL. They asked, ‘Would you be interested in accompanying me to the election? Your diverse background and travels make you a valuable asset.’ Intrigued, I accepted the offer, and together, we secured our seats. This marked the beginning of my role as a speechwriter and presenter of proposed laws in the Assembly.”

Indiana finds her current job to be a captivating yet challenging endeavor. “As representatives for around 72 towns, we have the responsibility of connecting with people and understanding their unique needs,” she explained. “Being an SFL campus coordinator has been instrumental in helping me step outside of my comfort zone and engage with individuals who may hold divergent viewpoints.”

Indiana is determined not to halt her educational journey just yet. Looking ahead, she harbors aspirations of obtaining a Master’s degree in international law while continuing her commendable work of advocating for a freer world and making a positive impact in people’s lives.



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