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“Existence, faculties, and assimilation—in other words, personality, freedom, and property—this is man in a nutshell.”

These simple words came from the distinguished economic journalist, Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850), renowned not for ground-breaking economic discoveries but for his discerning wit. Bastiat’s enduring legacy lies in his ability to render economic concepts intelligible and instill in the reader a profound appreciation for the elegance of free markets.

Bastiat Scrolls, dedicated to upholding his legacy, serve as Students for Liberty’s rich repository of materials exploring the philosophy, history, and theory of liberty. We provide bi-monthly narratives through original essays, reprints from prominent classical liberals and libertarians, and contemporary thinkers within the libertarian architecture. The scroll initiative is crafted to introduce readers to various ideas, intellectual explorations, and viewpoints aimed at rejuvenating and propelling discourse within the libertarian community.

Were Bastiat present to comment on contemporary global socio-economic issues, it is conceivable that the internet would be inundated with videos capturing his incisive perspectives, astute observations, and intellectual prowess, akin and reminiscent to a series of thought-provoking presentations and erudite discourses.

The Bastiat Scrolls is spearheaded by Dyuti Pandya, SASFL’s former academic coordinator (2020-2022)


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To contribute a Bastiat Scroll, carefully select an issue or concept at the crossroads of interdisciplinary discourse, capable of serving as a lens to emphasize pro-liberty values. The aim is to present ideas crucial for enhancing the current political and socio-economic landscape worldwide. The prescribed word limit is between 800-950 words, with a focus on sparking discussions and offering a unique perspective on the significance of liberty in contemporary society.

When crafting your scroll, it is imperative to adhere to the following guidelines:

Alignment with SASFL and SFL Ideals: Ensure that your scroll aligns with the core principles advocated by Students for Liberty South Asia (SASFL) and Students for Liberty (SFL). The content should resonate with the organizations’ overarching message of promoting liberty.

Precision and Accuracy: Maintain precision and accuracy in your narrative. Concisely convey your ideas without exceeding the stipulated word limit, fostering a clear and informative piece that captivates the reader.

Provoke Discussion: Strive to stimulate meaningful discussions through your scroll. Encourage readers to engage with the presented concepts and contribute their perspectives on the importance of liberty in the modern era.

Novelty and Uniqueness: Aim for novelty and uniqueness in your approach. Offer a fresh perspective on liberty, weaving in innovative insights that distinguish your scroll from conventional narratives.

Hyperlink Integration: Enhance the credibility and depth of your scroll by incorporating hyperlinks to relevant articles, videos, or other resources. These references should provide readers with avenues for further exploration and understanding.

Focus on Liberty in Conjunction with Other Topics: Emphasize the interconnectedness of liberty with other subjects. Whether exploring economic principles, societal dynamics, or political ideologies, underscore how the concept of liberty permeates and influences diverse facets of human life.


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