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Bastiat Scrolls are monthly descriptions introducing the reader to various ideas, thought exercises, perspectives etc. to advance a libertarian dialogue.

The series is named after one of the most brilliant economic journalists – “Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850)”.

Despite not having contributed any groundbreaking discovery for the field of economics; people remember him for his witty writing. His works made economic concepts very understandable and compelled the reader to appreciate the beauty of free markets.

If he existed to comment on the present socio-economic issues around the world; one can be sure the internet would have been flooded with his thug life videos.


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To submit a Bastiat Scroll, pick out an issue, concept, pop culture reference, etc… that you can use to highlight pro-liberty values and/or ideas that you feel are important for improving the existing political and socio-economic state around the world.

The word limit should not exceed 800 words. Your scroll should provoke a discussion by the time the reader finishes reading and at the same time should have understood the importance of liberty in today’s times.

  • The scroll shouldn’t be contrary to the idea we are trying to deliver to the audience.
  • It has to be precise and accurate and informative, do not go beyond the word limit. (800 words)
  • You can attach links to articles, videos for further reference within the Bastiat scroll.
  • Your main focus should be highlighting liberty in reliance with other topics.
  • Before sending your entries, the acads coordinator will have a look and identify if the scroll is relevant as a thought provoking identity.


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