Alumni For Liberty

Students For Liberty is dedicated to supporting the cause of liberty amongst today’s youth, and preparing the next generation of leaders of liberty.  But students can’t do it on their own.  Students have the time, energy, and passion to advance the ideas of liberty on campus, but they need assistance in the form of resources and experience to translate their energy into meaningful victories for liberty.

That’s where Alumni For Liberty (AFL) comes into play by providing a venue for alumni to give back to the student movement for liberty.  Members of AFL are stalwarts of the liberty movement because they have already been in the shoes of today’s students and are as excited about the cause of liberty and the future of a free world as they are; however, as a more experienced libertarians they have the knowledge, and resources that today’s youth lack. As a result, AFL members make a financial commitment to supporting today’s students, and become invested in the future of liberty, often paying forward the support they received as students. .

Alumni For Liberty is more than just a monthly giving society, though.  It is the society that brings together supporters of the student movement for liberty in their common support for a freer future and keeps them connected long after graduation. The society is open to just about anyone, including: Alumni of SFL Programs Alumni (i.e. non-students) who support the student movement for liberty but graduated before SFL came into existence; alumni who weren’t involved with a student organization for liberty when in school, but want to see more of them now, and, anyone else who recognizes the importance.

As a member, you will:

  • Be eligible for membership to an AFL Chapter or, if there are none near you, to start one yourself!
  • Receive free registration to the International Students For Liberty Conference;
  • Receive regular email updates exclusively for AFL members that will include everything ranging from unique opportunities for AFL members to get involved in the student movement and announcements about job openings in the movement that are not publicly posted;
  • Hear about exclusive AFL networking and career advancement opportunities; and
  • Much more.

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