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Alumni For Liberty (AFL) is an international network of young leaders committed to advancing freedom in all aspects of society. We have over 10,000 members from 139 countries. Our members include elected officials, journalists, academics, think tank directors, businesspeople, presidents of political organizations, and other leaders committed to forming a truly global pro-liberty coalition.

Our Network

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Leadership for Freedom

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Areas of Focus

Forging a Global Response Against Dictators

Eradicating Poverty and Market Exclusion

Championing Women’s Rights Worldwide

Ensuring Youth Representation in Policy Decisions

Promoting the Use of BTC as a Tool Against Oppression

Our Mission

The mission of AFL is to provide its members with the support needed for developing pro-liberty initiatives, including founding organizations, establishing social programs, proposing policy reform, launching conferences, conducting research, mobilizing humanitarian aid, and organizing policy summits and roundtables to discuss ways to advance liberty.

Our Vision

In the coming decade, our vision is to see thousands of AFL members collaborating on pro-liberty agendas at the highest levels of government, diplomacy, academia, and beyond.

Our Fight

We live in a world where dictators are uniting and advancing their oppressive agenda within and beyond their borders. We are also experiencing the dismantling of our institutions in democratic countries like the United States and Canada. Globally, freedom is under attack. We have to fight back.

Our Programs

Leading Liberty Program

Through this program, we work alongside leaders advancing liberty in their countries. Our initiatives are related to international advocacy, public policy, political activism, and community empowerment, among others. If you are interested in pitching us your initiative, please fill out this form.

Liberty Summits

AFL liberty summits bring together leaders from different parts of the world working on similar policy issues. Our goal is to create synergy between their individual initiatives as well as incentivize them to work together on shared projects. We are currently working on organizing three submits on economic development, national security, and technology, respectively. If you are interested in participating in our Liberty Summits and would like to get notified when we announce a call for applications, please fill out the summit interest form.

Policy Roundtables

With our Freedom Meetings initiative, we seek to create spaces of cooperation and channels of communication between freedom activists and relevant stakeholders, such as policymakers, academics, and businesspeople. We have organized meetings in cities such as Brussels, Washington, Cape Town, and Madrid. If you are interested in organizing or attending a freedom meeting in your city, please let us know.

Policy Dialogues​

Our open policy dialogues bring together SFL alumni with key stakeholders to discuss issues ranging from America’s monetary policy and Europe’s political polarization to the geopolitics of the Middle East and the development challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa. We have done sessions in partnership with institutions such as King’s College London, the United Nations, and the European Parliament.

Training and Leadership Programs

Our training program gives our leaders the opportunity to enhance their leadership and hard skills. We offer training in issues such as public policy, economic development, entrepreneurship, etc. We also provide training in soft skills related to public leadership.

Policy Commissions​

We are establishing policy commissions so that we can work together on policy reforms. We have commissions on issues ranging from promoting economic growth in Latin America to institutional reform in Uganda. If you are interested in joining or forming an AFL policy commission, please fill out this form.

Mentorship Program

Dr. Vera Kichanova

Dr. Vera Kichanova

Senior Economist at the Free Cities Foundation

Angelina Radovic

Angelina Radovic

Strategic Financial Communications at a Madrid-based consultancy

Adam Bartha smiling

Adam Bartha

Director of EPICENTER

Robert Tyler

Robert Tyler

Senior Policy Advisor, New Direction

Jorge Miguel Teixeira

Political advisor for the Liberal Initiative Party in Portugal

Our mentorship program gives established leaders the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas with the younger generation. We currently have over fifty mentors. If you are interested in mentoring a student, you can fill out this form.

Partner and Affiliated Organizations

Between partner and affiliations, we have over 300 organizations in our network. Our members are leading about 300 organizations in 69 countries. These include political organizations, think tanks, nonprofits, businesses, and media outlets, among others. Moreover, we have established partnerships with numerous organizations, multilateral institutions, universities, etc. By working together, we can ensure that liberty is advanced in every corner of the world.
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Marcin Branowski

Alumni Programs Director

Anna Suberu

Alumni Engagement Associate

Vasilis Valatsos

Alumni Database Manager

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