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What we stand for

Liberty creates a better world and our message surrounding the ideas are welcoming, positive, and inspiring.

We are thoroughly trained and professional. We have a high level of understanding of the ideas of liberty and can clearly and effectively explain the economic and philosophical rationale for the issues we stand for.

Rising above partisan politics, we engage in open and civil discourse over how to best promote freedom in all aspects of our lives. We respect that everyone comes to their justification for liberty in their own way and we are supportive of them in that journey.

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Local Coordinator Program

Premier program for actively advancing the ideas of free market and individual liberty.

Prometheus Fellowship Program

flagship fellowship program for students who want to be the world’s greatest pro-liberty leaders.

Learn Liberty Courses

Join an international community with a clever gamification system that rewards knowledge.

Green Liberty

Make the world a better and freer place by addressing environmental issues that matter to you and your community.


Discover inspiring success stories of our students and alumni driving meaningful change for liberty across diverse global contexts.

Regional Events



The Morality of Life: Reason and Freedom – Isn’t Everyone Selfish



The Morality of Life: Reason and Freedom – The Right to Choose Freedom of Speech



The Morality of Life: Reason and Freedom – The Right to Choose: Individualism vs. Collectivism

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