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Climate change is real


Climate change is no longer just a scientific concept as communities across the globe bear its consequences. The last 8 years have been the warmest on record, and by far, this is not the only environmental effect we have to address.
The next generation has to take it upon itself to solve these issues.

Governments worldwide spend more than $5.9 trillion causing air pollution and releasing planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.

Restrictive government regulations that protect the environmentally destructive status quo stand in our way to a sustainable future.

Governments make environmentally unsound decisions for political clout or direct profit, best exemplified by keeping coal power plants open while closing nuclear plants to appease special interests.

Government intervention in the market, picking winners and losers, only ratchets up energy costs and slows decarbonization. Competitive energy markets decarbonize 66% faster and drop prices as much as 45%.

“Around the world, individuals are already addressing climate change. They are creating new, more efficient energy solutions and realizing alternatives that lower our carbon footprints in various ways. Their obstacle to doing more red tape.”


That’s why SFL is launching

Green Liberty logo. A project of Students For Liberty.

An initiative focused on educating and empowering young people across the globe to demonstrate how free markets and voluntary exchange can play a critical role in protecting our planet for the next generations.

Green Liberty will be made up
of three major projects:

Green Liberty Regional Campaigns

We will kickstart a global educational campaign promoting sensible environmental policies and the power of the free market through marketing, programs, video, in-person events, and direct community actions. Different regions battle different crises, and so we will work with our leaders to localize the solutions.

Liberty Labs on Free Market Environmentalism

We will launch an incubator program for our student entrepreneurs to create, manage, and execute major projects with a lasting impact on the environment. The winner will receive $10,000 to implement the best ideas for tackling environmental challenges through voluntary association.

Global Issues → Global Reach

Tens of thousands of attendees around the world will convene in over 500 events over the next 4 years to brainstorm free market solutions to environmental issues. Participants guided by world-renown experts will come together, work together, and bring actionable solutions to their respective countries.

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