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Criminal Justice Reform

Students For Liberty is committed to promoting criminal justice reform by abolishing victimless crimes, ending prohibition and qualified immunity, and dismantling the racial inequalities deeply ingrained in the system. 

We emphasize the importance of individual freedom, equality under the law, and an approach to viewing addiction as a healthcare issue, not a criminal justice issue.


End the Drug War

Abolish Victimless Crimes

End the Federal Reserve

Rehabilitation Over Incarceration

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End the Drug War


Current drug laws in the United States are harsh, unreasonable, and ineffective.

Decades of evidence have shown that the criminalization of drug possession has failed to deter drug use or addiction. Instead, it has resulted in the over-policing of communities, overcrowded prisons, and wasted resources.

Indeed, over 43% of inmates in Federal Prisons are incarcerated for drug offenses, and over $1 trillion has been spent on enforcement since the War on Drugs began, with no significant impact on addiction rates.

Ending penalties for drug possession would free up valuable criminal justice resources. It would eliminate the unnecessary arrest, incarceration, and the long-lasting consequences that individuals face for possessing even small amounts of drugs.


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