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Team Zimbabwe Wins African SFL’s Free Market Revolution Great Debate!

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Team Zimbabwe won African Students For Liberty's Free Market Revolution debate series

Congratulations to every one of our leaders who participated in the African Students For Liberty Free Market Revolution Great Debate 2020. You all are rockstars and your energy remains unmatched!

At the end of the final round on Saturday, December 12, Team Zimbabwe won with just a 1.8 point lead over Team Phronesis from Nigeria, while Team Jabali from Kenya finished at third place.

The debate began on November 14-15, 2020 with 14 teams who debated the topic, Taxation is Theft. Four teams were eliminated and ten moved on to the second round, where they debated the bopic, African Union Passports for All Africans will Ease Movement and Trade.

From there, six teams moved on to the semi-finals and debated on the topic, Limited State Intervention will Improve the Ease of Doing Business in Africa. During the finals, the last teams remaining took on the topic, Lockdowns will Help Contain the Second & Third Wave of COVID-19.

Oluwafemi Ogunjobi from ASFL said that the debate program was created to try something new during the pandemic that is different from the usual online events, while keeping leaders engaged during a time that would lend itself to inactivity.

He said this debate also helped to “to foster leadership and team spirit among leaders. The debates require the participants to work together as a team for something big.” They also had SFL staff and alumni sit in as judges.

The ASFL Free Market Revolution Debate was a huge success. One of the takeaways for observers was discovering how skilled our leaders are at public speaking, “They are beautiful orators, with amazing debating and research skills,” said Ogunjobi.

Congratulations to African Students For Liberty for creating such a great event and to Team Zimbabwe for bringing home the top prize!

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