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A new partnership for Swedish Students For Liberty organized by Carissa Düring

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Our National Coordinator for Sweden, Carissa Düring, has arranged a more formal partnership with FMSF to advocate more efficiently for a freer future.

Geijerska Studentföreningen are a local chapter of the Confederation of Swedish Conservative and Liberal Students (FMSF) in Uppsala, a non-partisan association with a large member base, influence, and history, connecting pro-market students from Sweden’s universities and colleges. The organisation focuses on spreading the ideas of individual liberty, low taxes and a free market economy in the country.

Our National Coordinator for Sweden, Carissa Düring, has worked in cooperation with FMSF for some time. She has now arranged a more formal partnership between the two organisations for the purpose of more efficient advocacy for the cause of a freer future in Sweden.

“I’ve worked a lot with FMSF, especially my local chapter Geijerska Studentföreningen. I’ve even been elected to the board and I help organise events there every week, which I’ve been doing for two years now,” says Carissa about her involvement.

The partnership consists of a shared event organisation with permanent SFL presence at Geijerska meet-ups. The events take place at least once a week, with one of the most recent ones, organized by Carissa, also featuring another one of our coordinators, Keti Kartsydze from our team in Czechia, who spoke about support for Ukraine across Europe.

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