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Students For Liberty coordinators from Nigeria, Abdullah Tijani and Sanni Johnson, who is also a Prometheus Fellow, organized the inaugural Journalism For Liberty Fellowship in Ilorin Kwara state. 

Through the fellowship, journalists are taught pro-liberty reporting by the Liberalist Centre for Education, a Nigeria-based think tank that promotes pro-liberty ideals for the advancement of humanity. 

Abdullah, who is the Executive Director of the Liberalist Centre, and Sanni Johnson, who is the Programs Manager, spoke about the event, which took place over two days on October 28 and 29, 2022, and had the theme “Prompting a Free, Prosperous Society Through Pro-Freedom Reporting.”

The fellowship program officially began with in-person training.

Atlas Network, African Students for Liberty, Face of Liberty International, and Cheetahs Policy Institute supported the training as part of the center’s Journalism for Liberty project.

The Liberalist Centre aims to establish a media platform that uses in-depth features, investigative stories, and engaging opinion pieces to inform the public about the drawbacks of excessive government power and how the free market and individual liberty face restrictions in Nigeria.

In an interview with news reporters, Johnson Sanni stated that in addition to the training, the effort also included the creation of a news magazine with a focus on disseminating pro-liberty material.

Over 40 Nigerian journalists and writers received training in pro-liberty reporting and writing during the first Journalism for Liberty Fellowship course.

Additionally, Abdullah Tijani shared that “The training was an eye-opener for the participants,” he said. “It enlightened them on the ideas of freedom which serves as the basis upon which the philosophy of libertarianism is built.” 

For six months, following the in-person training, fellows will advance their knowledge of reporting and writing in defense of liberty.

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