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SFL Alumni Director, Jorge Jraissati, Publishes Influential Article on Money Channeling and Foreign Lobbying

Jorge Jraissati

Students for Liberty Alumni Director & Venezuelan economist, Jorge Jraissati, published an article in The National Interest, a well-recognized American magazine focused on foreign affairs. 

In his writing, Jorge argues that the U.S. Department of Justice could investigate former congressman David Rivera for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of the Department of Justice’s National Security Division. 

Following accusations of money laundering on behalf of the Maduro government, Rivera asserted his innocence by suggesting that he utilized the money to convince the Trump administration not to impose sanctions on the Venezuelan state.

However, the FARA mandates that agents of foreign principals involved in political operations disclose publicly their affiliation with the foreign principal,  including all receipts and outlays—something Rivera did not do. 

Jorge stipulates in his article that the US Justice Department must examine Rivera’s conduct to see whether the former congressman violated the FARA’s rules. He writes, “Investigating Rivera’s potential connections to a foreign interest group will help to preserve the integrity and transparency of America’s democratic process”. 

Jorge is adamant that the Justice Department should prioritize stopping foreign meddling like in the instance of Rivera, to avoid compromising the state’s ability to fulfill its national security responsibilities.

Jorge has written several editorials speaking on issues of US national security. His work focuses on advancing liberal democracy and economic development.

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