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SFL alumna from Russia, Dr. Vera Kichanova, successfully defended her dissertation to get her Ph.D. in Political Economy at King’s College London.  

Vera is a market urbanist who works to reconcile urban governance and liberal economics. Her dissertation, “Cities as Firms: The Coasian Case for Private Urban Development,” focuses on private cities and their potential to advance safer, freer states.

She is currently working as an urban policy researcher at Zaha Hadid Architects, creating concepts for architectural bids in numerous nations. Vera has been a part of Students For Liberty since 2017. 

She was also elected as a member of the Municipal Council in Moscow, Russia during her undergraduate studies. Since then, she has a history of success as a leader in a range of capacities at organizations that prioritize freedom. She has served as president of the Oxford Hayek Society, and Steering Committee member of the Adam Smith Forum. 

Vera credits the relationships she acquired through Students for Liberty, Mont Pèlerin Society, and Oxford Hayek Society for her success in advocating liberty.

Speaking on her dissertation defense, she said, “I’m thinking today of all the wonderful people I have met through Students for Liberty… and some of whom have become my closest friends.”

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