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SFL Alumnus Ítalo Cunha wins Alumnus of the Year award at LibertyCon International 2022

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Ítalo Cunha, an alumnus of Students For Liberty Brasil (SFLB), received the award for Alumnus of the Year at LibertyCon International 2022.

Ítalo Cunha, an alumnus of Students For Liberty Brasil (SFLB), received the award for Alumnus of the Year at LibertyCon International 2022.

The Alumnus of the Year award honors SFLers who have used experience from their time as SFL coordinators to bring about change, carry the torch of liberty in their communities and are leaders in their fields.

Ítalo is a founding partner of Safie Startups, a legal firm specializing in angel investments which helps startup companies and fintech companies grow and advance their businesses. He also assists many Brazilian students through a mentorship program and provides support for their fundraising initiatives.

As a student leader, Ítalo always knew that Brazil’s potential was being diminished by bureaucracy. He devoted countless hours to a privatization and debureaucratization campaign at Sao Paulo municipal hall. After graduating from the university, Italo expanded his horizons even further by founding Safie Startups to aid Brazilian companies through bureaucratic hoops. 

Through Safie, over 150 companies have been aided. Safie has also partnered with Innovativa, the largest business accelerator in Latin America. 

Ítalo Cunha was part of Students For Liberty’s top leadership retreat in 2013. In a speech at LibertyCon Ítalo noted, “Students for Liberty gave me the confidence and skills to help those 150 businesses and also gave me my closest friends and fondest memories. I would like to thank the SFL Brazil team, they make history as mine possible”

Ítalo also went on to talk about his experience as a leader almost ten years ago. He said, “The first time I was on an airplane was because Students For Liberty was taking me to a leadership training around 2013. As the plane was vibrating and took off into the skies, my perception of what I could reach in my life changed also.” 

Speaking on his continued engagement with Students For Liberty and his passion for mentoring students in the liberty movement. Ítalo enthused, “I have a debt that can never be replaced with Students For Liberty, and as long as you accept my help, I will be here trying to make the change you made in me in other persons.”

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