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Alum Marcin Branowski is inspiring a greener future across Central Europe

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In Poland, an invitation to speak at one of the nation’s foremost liberty-oriented events set the stage for an incredible journey for Students For Liberty (SFL) alum Marcin Branowski. Marcin currently serves as the Free-Market Environmentalism project manager at SFL, overseeing the Green Liberty project — an initiative by SFL aimed at educating and empowering young people worldwide, demonstrating how free markets and voluntary action promote a greener future.

What began as a solitary engagement to speak at an event organized by the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation and Liberty International turned into an inspiring launch for Marcin’s two-week lecture tour across Central Europe, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of those who attended.

The tour kicked off with Miltonalia 2023 in Łódź, Poland, on September 24. This event provided a platform to discuss Poland’s energy transformation, a topic that resonated deeply with the attendees. Marcin took the stage with enthusiasm, sharing insights on why the country needed a revolution in its energy generation and transmission systems. The audience was captivated by the potential for success and the immense gains Poland stood to make from this transformation.

Next on the itinerary was Warsaw on October 2, 2023, where Marcin participated in a panel-style interview focusing on transportation. The core of the conversation delved into contentious matters such as public transit, urban planning, infrastructure, and inter-sectoral cooperation in Poland. Hosted by SFL Poland, the event provided a forum for meaningful discussions. The audience eagerly participated, exploring the possibilities for a more efficient and sustainable transportation system in their nation. Both left-leaning and right-leaning participants appreciated the responses, even on such a contentious topic as the role of cars in urban transportation compared to trams, biking, and micromobility.

After the bustling streets of Warsaw, Marcin made his way to the picturesque city of Prague in Czechia.

On October 4, the Liberty Evening event in Prague was a celebration of ideas and intellectual discourse. Marcin took to the stage with a lecture aimed at debunking the myths surrounding the relationship between economic growth and environmental protection. The audience in Prague was treated to a thought-provoking discussion that challenged the mainstream narrative. Organized by SFL Czechia, this event was a testament to the thirst for knowledge and the well-substantiated faith in the human capacity for flourishing.

The final leg of the lecture tour brought Marcin to Bratislava, the charming capital of Slovakia. On October 5, the Liberty Talks event served as a platform to discuss the power of economic, personal, and societal freedom in environmental protection. Organized by SFL Slovakia, the event resonated deeply with the audience as they explored how individual liberties and societal choices could contribute to a greener future.

Throughout this transformative journey, Marcin emphasized what stood out the most was the diverse and engaged audience. From student leaders to policymakers, entrepreneurs to economists, and passionate activists — this cross-cut of individuals driving change was inspiring. The dialogue wasn’t one-sided; it was a conversation, a sharing of ideas and perspectives that offered a glimpse of the bright future that can emerge when a community comes together.

The tour wasn’t just a series of lectures; it was an opportunity to provide today’s and tomorrow’s leaders with a pathway toward a freer and greener future. It underscored the power of knowledge, discussion, and collaboration in addressing the most pressing issues of our time.

As the tour concluded, Marcin left Central Europe with a heart full of gratitude and hope.

Written by Marcin Branowski


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