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Reason is one of most dynamic organizations and they do a phenomenal job promoting the ideas that govern a free society. We’ve recently added a number of Reason experts that are available to speak on your campus!

Through the Speakers Network, students can invite Reason speakers to their universities to educate their fellow classmates about such topics as police injustice, environmental regulation, the financial crisis, broadcast regulation, the drug war, and much more.  Below is the new list of Reason speakers to join the SFL Speakers Network!

To invite a Reason speaker to your school, click here.

Radley Balko
Areas of Expertise:
Criminal Justice, police militarization, police misconduct, the death penalty, prosecutorial misconduct, forensics and wrongful convictions, the drug war, alcohol policy and regulation, civil liberties, and technology and government accountability

Shikha Dalmia
Areas of Expertise:Immigration and trade, globalization, global warming and environmental issues and war on terrorism

Leonard Gilroy
Areas of Expertise: Privatization, state budgets, government reform, transportation, public-private partnerships and correction

Harris Kenny
Areas of Expertise: Privatization, public-private partnerships, state and local government reform, planning a career in the liberty movement, and Colorado politics.

Adrian Moore
Areas of Expertise: How to shrink government, government budgets, privatization, transportation and deregulation

Julian Morris
Areas of Expertise: Economic development, environmental protection, environmental regulation, healthcare, planning and land-use regulation

Anthony Randazzo
Areas of Expertise: Financial crisis, fiscal policy, government spending, housing crisis, state budgets, tax policy, and free trade policy

Damon Root
Areas of Expertise: Libertarianism and race, libertarianism and the civil rights movement, racism and the American Left, journalism, libertarianism and the Supreme Court, the Progressive Era, and the New Deal

Lisa Snell
Areas of Expertise: education issues, higher education, school choice, foster care, child welfare

Jesse Walker
Areas of Expertise: Political paranoia, moral panics, broadcast regulation and radio history

Students For Liberty Advisor, Atlas Economic Research Foundation Vice President, and Cato Senior Fellow Tom G. Palmer will be speaking at the University of Chicago this coming Wednesday.  The event is sponsored and hosted by the UC Students for a Free Society.

The title of the speech will be “Afghanistan to Kazakhstan to Obamastan: Promoting Free Market Capitalism in Unlikely Places”.  Dr. Palmer will share his experiences promoting liberty in the Middle East and discuss the impact that US foreign policy has had on the region.

  • What: Tom G. Palmer on “Afghanistan to Kazakhstan to Obamastan: Promoting Free Market Capitalism in Unlikely Places”
  • Date: Wednesday, April 20
  • Time: 7:00pm Central Time
  • Location: University of Chicago, Harper Hall
  • Room: 140
  • Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=196012780434926

The event is open to the public, so anyone in the Chicago area is invited.  Please help spread the word!

Click here to download the event flyer.

One of the essential elements to strengthening and growing the liberty movement is creating a sense of community amongst libertarians. It’s a sign of the growth of the liberty movement that this sense of unity is developing  outside of the traditional D.C. circles.

At 7pm on Saturday, April 23rd, the NY Forum for Freedom will be holding a social at BBQ Restaurant in New York City. Meant to connect together libertarians of all stripes from the New York area, students and soon-to-be-graduates from schools in New York City and young professionals in the area are especially welcome. The event is also an opportunity to invite those just curious about the ideas of liberty and looking for some friendly discussion in an informal setting.

Brian Aitken of the Foundation for Economic Education will be the event’s guest speaker.

In August of 2010, Brian’s wrongful conviction of illegal possession of handguns while traveling between residences in New Jersey resulted in a 7 year prison sentence. Judicial and prosecutorial corruption in his case drew international media attention. Within two months the ‘Free Brian Aitken’ Facebook page had gained over 15,000 fans with millions of page views. NJ Governor Chris Christie finally issued an Executive Order to grant Brian clemency in December of 2010.

Currently, Brian is the Director of New Media for the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE).

Have friends in the New York City area? Invite them to the event!

Join us this Wednesday, April 20, 8PM-9PM Eastern/Standard Time on YOUR computer for our new, enticing, thought-provoking webinar!

Equality as a Political Ideal

Speaker: Mark LeBar

Some people think that equality is an important (perhaps THE important) aim of government. Should it be?

Mark LeBar is an associate professor of philosophy at Ohio University in Athens. He holds an MBA from Pepperdine University, an MA in philosophy from the University of Washington, and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Arizona. He has published papers on ethics, political philosophy, and philosophy of mind, and is at work on a project exploring the foundations of political obligations and authority in Aristotelian moral theory.

Register Here, Facebook Event Here

The movements to bring down tyrants in the Middle East has inspired people the world over.  Libertarians know that bringing down one tyrant (or many) is not the same as enjoying freedom.  The Atlas Network, an SFL partner, has been working for years with libertarians in the Middle East through the Arabic Minbaralhurriyya.org (“Forum of Liberty”) program, the Persian Cheragheazadi.org (“Lamp of Liberty”) program, and others.

Last week, libertarians convened in Cairo for a series of conferences, strategy meetings, media appearances, and more to promote the institutions of liberty: limited government under the rule of law, property and free markets, freedom of speech based on the presumption of liberty, toleration, and peace.  The huge April 8 rally against the continuation of military rule was addressed by Dr. Nouh El Harmouzi, director of Minbaralhurriyya.org, and by Gurcharan Das, author of the libertarian best seller India Unbound and the just-released The Difficulty of Being Good: On the Subtle Art of Dharma (Oxford University Press), and chairman of the Centre for Civil Society, which is based in India.

SFL Advisor Dr. Tom G. Palmer, Vice President for International Programs at the Atlas Network and Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, caught the speech on videotape.

مدير مشروع منبر الحريةامام ثوار ميدان التحرير بمصر by Minbaralhurriyya-org

Dr. Nouh El Harmouzi of Minbaralhurriyya.org speaking at Tahrir Square. Rough translation: “My name is Nouh El Harmouzi from Moroccco, and I come to you with a message of respect, a message of dignity, a message of love, a letter of encouragement. I want to tell you that Morocco and the Maghreb and many countries look to your experience as an example, and we look to your revolution as a symbol to all the Arab world. I want to tell you that we hope and we want to see a strong Egypt, strong through a CIVIL state [e.g., not military and not religious] — an Egypt of FREEDOM. Thank you Egyptians for this valuable lesson for the Arabic world. I have one extremely important message to tell you. From the Moroccan people who love you and who want to follow your example: No negotiation for your freedom anymore! Pay attention to keep your freedom! Once again, I encourage you to create a CIVIL state [not military and not religious] and don’t let the politicians steal your freedom! The free Egyptian people can create miracles and can build a developed society. Viva Egypt! Viva the youth who made the revolution! Viva freedom!”