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The Young Britons’ Foundation just announced the details for the Annual Activist Training Conference which is to be held at St Anne’s College, Oxford University.  In an effort to maintain a strong alliance with American conservatives and libertarians, YBF has extended the invitation across the pond.

This year the YBF7 Conference will be taking place at one of Britain’s oldest and most exclusive academic institutions, Oxford University. The breathtaking surroundings of St Anne’s College will provide the setting for the three day conference. Speakers in the past have included Daniel Hannan MEP, Iain Duncan Smith MP and Matthew Elliott of the Tax Payers’ Alliance.

YBF also extended the invitation for American delegates to spend a week in London where they will experience private tours of The Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London, The London Eye, The London Dungeons and much more.

YBF7 will take place between the 10th – 12th of December, and the trip to London will take place between the 13th – 17th of December.

The cost of the trip will be $400 for YBF7 or $995 for YBF7 and the trip to London. The cost will cover all accommodation, resource materials and food.

American delegates should email emma@ybf.org.uk for an application form before purchasing their tickets.  For more information and to secure your place at YBF7 please email emma@ybf.org.uk and pay for your ticket via the registration page here.

As Students For Liberty geared up for its New York Regional Conference, I found myself heading to my home state of New York and staying at none other than the Foundation for Economic Education’s headquarters, an incredible mansion just north of Manhattan full of libertarian history and genuine estate mystery. From the moment I pulled up the winding driveway, I knew I was in for a treat.

The FEE mansion was an early meeting ground for some of the key founders of modern libertarianism. The walls are literally covered with letters and photos from past presidents like Ronald Reagan to great intellectuals including Ludwig Von Mises and Henry Hazlitt. The mansion’s library is truly something to behold with books from floor to ceiling on an array of economic, historical, and political topics. The wonder of being able to stand where some of the most important freedom fighters in modern history stood was truly a pleasure. Of course the mansion also provided an exhilarating location for a little night time exploration.

When FEE is not running one of its renowned seminars, the mansion itself is home to only a small local staff, as such, one other guest and I found ourselves virtually abandoned in a gargantuan house. Naturally, we decided to investigate further. Aside from the occasional find of an old Mises photograph, the estate was surprisingly void of hidden passages and forgotten treasure. Despite this disappointing lack of cliché mysterious mansion features, the FEE headquarters did live up to the creepy factor of every large house at night. This proved to be especially true in the building’s massive labyrinth of a basement and dimly lit attic.

As the weekend unfolded the house became a home away from home, tucked into a stunning area of New York just off the Hudson River. In fall the gold, red, and orange hues only add to what is every bit a picturesque seen of beauty. Perhaps the only thing that outmatched the experience of being in one of the great halls of libertarian lore was its legendary steward, the executive director of FEE, Carl Oberg.

From the beginning, Carl seemed dead set on helping in whatever way possible, including allowing Students For Liberty conference attendees to stay at FEE house. Upon our arrival (well past a reasonable hour for any mere mortal to be awake), Carl gave us a quick tour and helped us get settled in. Throughout the next day he suffered multiple work interruptions and even allowed the use of his personal car for our quick run to the store in a search for franks and beans to cook in the massive kitchen. As if that were not enough, Carl actually drove us to the conference’s Friday night meet and greet and Saturday gathering. In order to satisfy any college-aged group’s quest for kicks, Carl ended up staying later than intended at the evening social and tolerating a hectic student division over staying out late or returning to the mansion with others. All this while entertaining enumerable questions about the house and its history, and preserving a great sense of humor and genuinely friendly disposition. While the stay at the Foundation’s headquarters proved to be an amazing adventure, it was our kind host that made it truly memorable. I cannot imagine a better way to have spent the weekend and I thank Carl and the great folks at the Foundation for Economic Education for making my time there so enjoyable.

Proving that the ideas of a free society are popular even in California, Students For Liberty held its first west coast conference just outside Los Angeles at Pepperdine University. The first Southern California Regional Conference brought nearly 100 students to the beautiful Pacific Coast for a full day of intellectual stimulation and networking.

West coast liberty powerhouses like Reason and Governor Gary Johnson joined their “beltway” allies such as IHS and Cato to engage the students. Tom Palmer’s talk inspired the students to continue to take action and LEAP‘s Stephen Downing provided a real world example of activism in his talk about why Prop. 19 should be supported. The students were also given the opportunity to break out into smaller sessions and discuss more specialized topics such as communicating liberty and constitutionalism.

As always the networking was a huge benefit to the students. Whether it was meeting potential employers or meeting nearby students to work with, the conference provided something for everybody. New students were shown the passion and basics of liberty while advanced students continued to be challenged with new intellectual stimulation and arguments for advancing the ideas of a free society.

If you missed this year in Southern California don’t worry, you still have the Northern California conference in Berkeley on November 6… if that doesn’t work then there is always next year, where the conference will be even bigger and more inspiring.


the Atlas Shrugged Video Contest
Speak out. Take a stand. Become an activist.

“Create a short web video, 3 minutes max, on how Ayn Rand’s epic story relates to current issues in society or in your own life. And have fun doing it.

“Sponsored by the Ayn Rand Institute, videos will be judged on their intellectual strength, creativity and persuasiveness.”

Deadline: December 8, 2010 @11:59 PM (PST)

Grand Prize: $5,000

For full contest details, click here.

Students For Liberty’s wildly successful Bastiat Project continues with two exciting opportunities to learn about and advance the ideas of this champion of classical liberalism.  On top of already printing and distributing 30,000 copies of The Economics of Freedom, we also have an upcoming webinar on the life and times of Bastiat along with an ongoing essay contest for relating one of Bastiat’s ideas to a current public policy debate.

Webinar – Frederic Bastiat: The Legendary Life & Works in a Time of Revolution

On Monday, November 1 we will be hosting an E-Leadership Webinar featuring Dr. David Hart of the Liberty Fund.  He will lecture and take questions on the life and accomplishments of this giant of 19th century liberalism who’s ideas remain as relevant today as ever.

The Bastiat’s Legacy Essay Contest

This is an essay contest open to any current student.  Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of liberty movement leaders from the academic and public policy fields.  The contest prizes will be:

The topic to be addressed is: “Relate the central theme in one of the essays in The Economics of Freedom to a current public policy issue”.  In order to participate, you must register for the contest in advance of submitting an essay but no later than November 15, 2010.  After registration you will receive and information on how to submit the essay.

Requirements for the essay are:

  • Length: 500 – 750 words
  • Double spaced
  • Times New Roman font, size 12
  • 1-inch margins
  • Registration deadline: November 15, 2010
  • Submission deadline: December 1, 2010

Anyone may enter the essay contest who is a student enrolled in high school, college, or graduate school during the Fall 2010 semester.

Click here to register for the contest now. The winners will be presented with their prize on Friday, February 18 at the 2011 International Students For Liberty Conference at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

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