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CC Retreat Discussion

Campus Coordinators discuss regional strategy in a breakout session.

Student leaders enrolled in SFL’s Campus Coordinator Program stayed at Towson University from Friday 22nd July 2016 to Sunday 24th July 2016 for an exciting weekend of training, networking and planning for the upcoming academic year.

The purpose of the weekend retreat was to forge lasting friendships between incoming Campus Coordinators, build upon their natural talents, and create region-specific strategies for spreading the ideas of liberty to their fellow students.

Speaking to both staff and Campus Coordinators, three themes of the retreat particularly stood out. The level of creativity and passion exhibited by Campus Coordinators was felt to be even higher than previous years, with an array of exciting new projects being planned in all regions. Furthermore, several student leaders expressed their appreciation for the diversity of opinions and backgrounds represented during the weekend, which reflects SFL’s wider commitment to being a broad-church organization in the liberty movement. Finally, the decision to place extra emphasis on regional planning for the upcoming year was welcomed; Campus Coordinators devoted nearly six hours of the retreat to devising innovative outreach strategies and brainstorming for regional conferences.

The opening day saw attendees introduced to the roles and responsibilities of being a Campus Coordinator, as well as the mission of Students For Liberty. However, the highlight of the first day was undoubtedly Dr. James Lark‘s keynote address, which was met with much enthusiasm. Dr. Lark emphasized the importance of being respectful when discussing ideas with those who do not share the aims of the liberty movement entertaining the audience with his approachable and light-hearted style.

CC Retreat Tom Palmer

Tom Palmer delivers his keynote address on ‘Why We Fight’.

Saturday morning was dominated by the first regional breakout session, whilst a Q&A with SFL’s Board of Directors took place in the afternoon. Following dinner, Campus Coordinators attended elective training track sessions on areas such as marketing and academic programs. This year’s retreat was the first time such sessions were provided, and attendees were pleased with this opportunity for specialization. The final session of the day was a keynote speech by Tom Palmer, titled Why We Fight. In his speech, Tom took Campus Coordinators through the history of young people in the liberty movement and impressed upon them the importance of continuing to passionately defend liberty across the world. The second day of the retreat ended with an extended social, giving Campus Coordinators a further chance to network and build friendships.

CC Retreat Director QandA

Student leaders quiz SFL’s Board of Directors.

The final day of the retreat was largely spent expanding upon regional plans developed earlier in the weekend and culminated in each region presenting their respective strategies in front of the whole room. Student leaders were also taught the basics of communicating the ideas of liberty in-person and online.

The incoming Campus Coordinators departed from Towson energized and well-equipped to take the fight for liberty to their respective institutions. Students For Liberty cannot wait to report on their successes throughout the next year!

The following post by Bernardo Vidigal is from SFL’s 2015-2016 Annual Report.

Estudantes Pela Liberdade (EPL)—Brazilian Students For Liberty—has generated a lot of press attention lately, gaining media hits almost every day. Brazil is going through a great deal of political change, and SFL’s student leaders are driving it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.06.06 PMFor 13 years, the Brazilian federal government has been controlled by the anti-market Worker’s Party. For the first few years of its administration, the party’s economic policies generated growth as commodity prices helped industry grow. However, their economic policies quickly came back to haunt the country.

To make matters worse, a major investigation from the Federal Police exposed corruption among the party’s highest ranks. This police investigation discovered that the Brazilian state-run oil company, Petrobras, awarded contracts to construction firms that bribed major politicians. While the Worker’s Party is no stranger to corruption, the bribery scheme in tandem with another scandal caused millions of Brazilians to call for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.


Medicine_DisplayFriend and supporter of Students For Liberty, Bartley Madden, recently published a presentation of his research on the regulation of medicine under the title “Free To Choose Medicine and Right To Try” and it is available for download at SSRN.com.

It’s a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the need for a new paradigm that breaks the FDA’s monopoly on access to new medicine and compares “free to choose medicine” (FTCM) principles with the hugely successful Right To Try state-level initiative for patients facing terminal illnesses. Three future political scenarios are discussed which may lead to a near-term opportunity for FTCM principles to gain substantial bipartisan momentum.

This fact-based and to-the-point presentation could be useful for campus meetings or other instances where you’ll need to explain the upsides of reduced regulation on medicines as well as how this might happen in the current political climate.

Download presentation now!

atlas-book-2016-coverThe Atlas Network has just released a new book — Self Control, or State Control — edited by Dr. Tom Palmer, and we’ve put aside a box of 100 just for you. Just fill out the form below to claim your 100 copies today!

The book features essays by John Tierney, Lisa Conyers, Jeffrey Miron, and several more that delve into the relationship between freedom and responsibility, their philosophical and scientific underpinnings, and the practical value of self-control.

“Each of us faces a great choice,” Palmer writes in the first chapter. “Shall I quietly accept the system of state control or shall I stand up for self-control? Self-control offers a life of freedom and responsibility. It enables us to realize our dignity in peace and harmony with others. It is a life worthy of a human being.”

Here’s what a few people you may recognize had to say about the book:

“This important book is in the tradition of Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments in which self-control is necessary in the service of decentralized processes of human socio-economic betterment. State control can never substitute for self-control without destroying freedom and all that is human in both society and economy.” – Vernon L. Smith, 2002 Nobel Laureate in Economics

“Life is full of difficult choices.  It requires courage to take responsibility for your own life and carve your own path.  However, that’s also the best way to ensure a successful future and a prosperous, healthy society. If I were a young person pursuing a productive and rewarding life, I’d buy a copy of this book and study it carefully.” – John Mackey, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Whole Foods Market

Atlas Book Giveaway

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STAt Students For Liberty, we are united by the belief that the best way of solving social problems is through the voluntary cooperation of individuals. This belief is shared by Stand Together, a non-profit that invests in local organizations and projects with demonstrated track records, strong appetites for growth, and high potential to impact a critical social problem and improve lives.

The non-profit is currently focusing on the areas of education and poverty alleviation, with their blog highlighting exemplary individuals and organizations working at a grassroots level to enact social change in these areas.

Stand Together is currently hiring for a variety of positions, and SFL encourages applications from anyone who is interested in high-impact investing for social change, voluntary alternatives to government intervention, or simply making a measurable difference to the lives of the least well-off in society.

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