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Oct 22

SFL Campus Coordinator and Young Voices Advocate Cory Massimino was published in The Guardian on Sen. Bernie Sanders recent anti-immigrant remarks.

YoungVoices_logo_clr-01Bernie Sanders has come out against open borders, claiming they are a “right-wing proposal” that “would make everyone in America poorer.” He argues that, while we have a “moral responsibility” to “work with the rest of the industrialized world to address the problems of international poverty… you don’t do that by making people in this country even poorer.”

But there is a vast amount of literature showing that open borders could be the single best policy to alleviate global poverty. The free movement of people would enrich individuals by allowing them to move to where their specific skills and talents are most economically efficient and personally beneficial. According to Michael Clemens at the Center for Global Development, open borders could lead to a one-time boost in world GDP of 50 to 150%.

Contra Senator Sanders, a Democratic candidate for president, open borders is a moral imperative for those who truly wish to help the world’s poor. If Sanders wishes to challenge mainstream economists on this fact, he must provide empirical evidence to back up his assertions. Otherwise, he deserves to be dismissed as just another politician, playing to domestic, nativist sentiments, rather than pursuing the economic policies that will benefit Americans and reduce global poverty.

Read the rest on the Guardian US here.

Young Voices is a policy project of SFL aimed at promoting Millennial libertarians’ voice in the media. Cory has been one of Young Voices most active contributors. If you’re interested in joining Young Voices, check out our website.


Have you heard about Nah? He’s a Vietnamese libertarian rapper whose viral hit “F@#& Communism” is blowing up with 900,000+ views on YouTube. And he’s also SFL’s latest confirmed performer at the 2016 International Students For Liberty Conference.

That’s right, Nah will be performing his anti-authoritarian hit in front of the largest annual gathering of libertarian students in the world. Will you be in the crowd?

Register for #ISFLC16

Nah’s story has gained significant media attention this week. Just yesterday, the Global Post published an article about the rapper’s background:

10377546_820988411354831_4842066686286953112_nOne of Vietnam’s most subversive new rap songs isn’t about partying, sex or even drugs. It’s simply called “F*ck Communism.” (We added the asterisk.) It’s a six-minute revenge fantasy targeting dirty cops, crooked bureaucrats and the so-called “professional thieves” who run the Communist Party of Vietnam.


This song is dangerously rebellious in Vietnam, an authoritarian state that attempts to crush anti-government dissent. It’s also growing really popular. Since its release in January, the track has racked up [900,000+] views on YouTube — and in a country with fewer than 40 million internet users, that’s a huge hit song.


Nah, 24, is currently in the US where he’s studying entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. His student visa expires in the summer of 2016. That’s when he intends to return despite potential charges of creating “propaganda against the state,” a crime used to imprison hundreds of dissidents in the past decade.

Nah’s bravery to stand up against a corrupt regime despite personal risks is what inspired SFL to invite him to ISFLC. Though he may new to the music world, Nah’s strength to fight for liberty shows he’s more hardcore than most rappers in the game.

Come see Nah perform yourself at the 2016 International Students For Liberty ConferenceFebruary 26-28, 2016 at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC. Register now!

LOGO Bastiat - TRIM AnEThe Bastiat Society has just launched its 2015-16 Mentorship Program.  The program connects young business people with more experienced business people with similar interests, talents, and career goals.  The program lasts from September 2015 – April 2016, and includes a mentorship weekend at the Annual FEE Retreat at Bonitas Springs, Florida on January 29-31.  Participants should be able to meet once a month for an online discussion with the Bastiat Society’s partner organizations, and participants and mentors should meet once a month in person or over the phone to discuss personal and professional goals.  Tentative discussion topics will include the morality of capitalism, the framework for a free society, principled wealth creation and personal entrepreneurship.  In addition to the rich experience of the program, upon completion of the program participants will be provided a stipend of $500.  Applications are due August 15, so if you are a young person interested in taking advantage of this experience or an experienced business person interested in being a mentor, apply today!


tGTcLB-s_400x400Think Freely Media has just announced its second annual Great Communicators Tournament.  The Tournament will give individuals interested in personal and economic freedom to demonstrate their ability to promote a message that is both consistent with principles of liberty and persuasive to modern Americans.  The tournament will begin with an online competition, where participants will make a video of themselves responding to a given topic.  From the online contest, twelve finalists will be selected to compete at the State Policy Network’s Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Prizes of $10000, $5000 and $2500 will be awarded to first place, second place, and third place, respectively.  The deadline for online submissions is August 7, and the final round will take place on September 30th and October 1st.

Think Freely Media is a nonprofit that works to improve the communication and persuasion skills of liberty-minded thinkers, writers, and policy makers.  It asks that while making their arguments, contestants take the moral high ground, address the issue of inequality and be able to convey the value of freedom to a wide audience.  This is sure to be a fantastic opportunity for young liberty-minded individuals pursuing careers as journalists, pundits, policy analysts, lawmakers and more.  The deadline is only in a few days, so make your submission soon!


10982493_853661068009987_2926446002719258613_nAs any liberty-minded student can attest, advocating for libertarian ideas on America’s college campuses can sometimes feel lonesome. Fortunately, pro-liberty networks like Students For Liberty make libertarian advocacy more attainable and student life more enjoyable. I would never have found the network of pro-liberty students had it not been for my introduction to Students For Liberty at one of their North American Regional Conferences in Salem, North Carolina last year.

I heard about SFL’s Carolina conference randomly and made the trip on a whim, but it ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. Upon arriving, I knew very few people but was immediately connected with many like-minded individuals in my region who have since become not only great professional resources but great friends as well.

As a newbie to the movement, my understanding of libertarian principles was still developing. During the conference, I got to hear from big names like John Allison, president of the Cato Institute at the time. I was exposed to various new ideas and walked away with knowledge that I later implemented as a leader of my campus’ Young Americans for Liberty chapter. In addition to this, I got the opportunity to network with sponsors and discover many opportunities that benefitted my student group. (more…)