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Peace and non-intervention are the central planks of any pro-liberty philosophy. Given all of the latest developments in Syria and Iraq, it is especially critical for the liberty movement to fuel a strong anti-war coalition and advocate for peace. To help student activists achieve this end, SFL is happy to announce the start of our first ever Peace Not War Program.

Through the Peace Not War Program, student groups can download our digital activism resources. From banner designs to flyers and handouts, the Digital Activism Resources has everything your group will need to host a successful peace event. You can also register to join dozens of other campuses across North America in hosting activism and educational events for a Week of Peace October 20-24, 2014.

The Week of Peace will be the PNW program’s major event and will raise awareness for the peace movement by helping to put non-intervention in the forefront of foreign policy discussion. Starting on October 20th, this campaign will consist of four days of  nonstop activism coordinated with campuses across North America that will have a huge impact with a decentralized approach to allow student groups to cater their activism to fit their local areas. Best of all, on October 22 at 8pm EST we will be hosting a live discussion with Angela Keaton, Director of Operations for Antiwar.com through SFL On Air on the topic of peace.

If you’re interested in participating in this activism initiative by tabling; hosting a speaker or a debate; holding a flag washing ceremony, protest, march, or vigil; or engaging in anti-recruitment activism, check out the Peace Not War page to get in touch with an SFL leader and to gain access to our pro-peace resources.

While South Park may be known for swear words and potty humor, anyone who watches the show regularly can tell you it doesn’t shy away from current events. Oftentimes, there are libertarian undertones in these episodes. While there are many episodes I could have picked, these are the five that I’m most likely to think of when discussing the libertarianism of South Park. SPOILER ALERT:


Looking for more reading material? Check out this free book Silken Slippers and Hobnail Boots Surviving the Decline and Fall by Robert Hannay. This collection of articles clarifies and simplifies complex issues involving our evolution into a stagnant, almost bankrupt welfare state that is now challenged by hungrier, aggressive, more productive nations, and suggestions about restoring our freedom and prosperity.

The articles cover a wide variety of subjects about the present and future of the United States – political, economic, social, education, the environment, military, medical, legal – the works. These articles cut through the complexities and misconceptions to simplify a variety of important, unclear issues. For example, the book explores how, in their endless search for more votes and contributions, our career politicians punish success and reward failure, taking assets from more productive citizens to give to the greater number of voters and to political friends.

By reading this book, you will learn how the public has been suckered into giving up their opportunity to achieve and prosper in exchange for free lunches and subsidies paid by others, creating a less productive, stagnant and almost bankrupt welfare state. In the process, the citizens and states have permitted big, expensive governments to rob us of many of our constitutional rights.


The following is a guest blog post by Morgan Scott, a Texas State University Student and SFL Campus Coordinator.

Early in September we of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Texas State hosted a unique activism event on our university Quad. The Red Balloon Project (#RedBalloonProject on social media) caught the attention of many students as well as campus media.

The Red Balloon Project was inspired by the German anti-nuclear war protest song “99 Red Balloons” by Nena, and the goal behind it was to open a conversation with students about their individual concerns and dreams. To facilitate this, students were invited up to the table to write 2 things on a red balloon: a way in which government had made their lives worse off, and a dream that they had for the future.


Earlier this year, I spent four months working for a pro-liberty cause. But it wasn’t just another internship or desk job: I traveled thousands of miles, crossed an international border four times, met thousands of people, and delivered nearly one hundred presentations. The organization I worked for is Liberty in North Korea, and I served as a Nomad.

Liberty in North Korea, or LiNK for short, is a nonprofit organization based out of the Los Angeles, CA metropolitan area that rescues North Korean refugees hiding in China and resettles them in South Korea and occasionally the United States. This protects the refugees from persecution in China, including females being forced into sex trafficking and authorities forcibly deporting the refugees back to North Korea, where they can face severe persecution for illegally leaving the country. Since LiNK began rescuing refugees in 2010, it has rescued 265 refugees.

For four months, I worked around-the-clock to raise both awareness of the issue and funds for refugee rescues. We began with an intensive five-week training session where we learned about North Korea and the refugee situation in addition to rehearsing our presentation and booking events. We endured countless late nights of practicing our presentations after making dozens of calls to book events earlier in the day. On the weekends, we bonded through various activities and occasionally had free time to enjoy the Los Angeles area.

Our hard work paid off, as we booked over three hundred events across the United States and Canada. We delivered a multimedia presentation about the situation in North Korea and the work we do to rescue refugees in China. We also raised funds through donations and merchandise sales.