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What is the proper role of lawyers, torts, and civil lawsuits in our society?  Check out these “Jackpot Justice” videos from the Pacific Research Institute.

Lawyers Gone Wild

Judicial Hellholes

More Lawyers, Fewer Doctors

These are just a few in the series, so if they piqued your interest, check out PRI’s YouTube channel.

After over a month of interviews and applications the first round of Campus Coordinator candidates has been accepted. Students For Liberty continues to recruit phenomenal student volunteers to be leaders on their campus and in their region. We are really spanning from coast-to-coast and have even accepted our first Canadian student into the program. SFL is still accepting applications and if you are interested in helping lead the student movement for liberty more information is available here.

Congratulations to all these students, the future of the liberty movement looks bright indeed.

-          Jose Nino, University of Texas – Austin
-          Dan Osborne, Queens University (Ontario)
-          Carlos Alfaro, Arizona State University
-          James Padilioni Jr., West Chester University (Pennsylvania)
-          Mark Benfield, Mercer University (Georgia)
-          Kelli Gulite, George Washington University (Washington DC)
-          Christine-Marie Dixon, Madonna University (Michigan)
-          Jeremy Orbach, Northern Illinois University
-          William Tew, University of Florida
-          Preston Bates, University of Louisville
-          Briana Stanley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
-          Adam Fletcher, Texas State University
-          Alexander Habighorst, Mississippi State University
-          Kolin Karchon, Michigan State University
-          Morgan Freeman, Sam Houston State University (Texas)
-          Anthony Hennen, Ohio University
-          Javonni Butler, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater
-          David Deerson, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
-          Chelsea Krafve, Pepperdine University (California)
-          Simeon Morris, University of California –San Diego
-          Kara Henderson, University of California – San Diego
-          Justin Clements, University of Washington – Seattle
-          Matt Needham, Michigan State University
-          Brad Kells, Michigan State University
-          Justin Hinh, Utah State University
-          Abhi Sivasailam, University of Missouri
-          Alex McHugh, American University (Washington DC)

In addition to these fantastic students several Campus Coordinators from last year will be continuing their work with SFL as Senior Campus Coordinators.

-          Megan Roberts, University of Missouri
-          Dana Modzelewski, Harvard University (Massachusetts)
-          Matt Schmitto, Texas State University
-          Brad Peterson, Temple University
-          Jason Cowen, Oklahoma City Community College
-          Stacy Litz, Drexel University
-          Dan Suraci, Boston University

If you are interested in joining the student leadership for liberty there is still time. Applications are being accepted throughout April. If you have any questions please contact SFL’s Internal Operation Manager Peter Neiger at pneiger@studentsforliberty.org.


In case you missed it, or in case you just want to look for your face again, here are clips of last night’s show!

What Does it Mean to be a Libertarian?

Where Did the Anti-War Movement Go?

Keep checking back for when the entire show is available online.  A big THANK YOU to all that made it possible – and that includes the 529 conference attendees in the audience!

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Want to read Bastiat from your computer?  Then click here to download The Economics of Freedom PDF.

The book features a collection of Bastiat’s best essays including such classics as “What is Seen and What is Not Seen” and “A Petition”, along with contemporary essays by Nobel Laureate F.A. Hayek and Atlas Foundation Vice President Tom G. Palmer.

Well, you can. Record a 2-3 second clip of you stating, “I am John Galt,” and upload it as a video response to this Youtube video. All submissions will be compiled and added to the DVD version of the movie when it’s released. Deadline is April 15th.