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The following is part of Satire for Liberty, a blog series by Suzanne Schaefer.

WASHINGTON, DC – In what has become the largest collective boycott ever recorded in the United States, and indeed, in the history of all of mankind, every one of the approximately 120 million American taxpayers nationwide has decided to boycott the IRS by refusing to file their taxes, sources confirmed Monday.

“We all just kind of decided not to do them this year,” explained Sara Freeman of Fishers, Ind., “I mean, what’s the point? It’s not like we get a say in where it goes. Plus, I’d really like to finish my basement.”

Tired of funding one of the largest, most inefficient institutions in the world, Freeman further explained why every single taxpayer felt it was no longer in their best interests to continue paying the government large amounts of their hard-earned money for its mediocre services.

“In theory our taxes go to worthwhile things from which we all benefit like transportation, national security, and healthcare, but really it goes to a gazillion aesthetically pleasing, supposedly necessary programs that don’t even work,” remarked Freeman. “Frankly, the negatives greatly outweigh the positives on this one. Plus, if the government crapped out tomorrow it’s not like humanity would go with it. Government does not make the world go ’round.”

Though still concerned about his nation’s ability to responsibly handle its massive budget, Tyler Wyatt of St. Louis, Mo. is even more anxious about the realities of some of the things his money is actually funding.

“Honestly, I’m really struggling with the fact that by funding the government I’ve been inadvertently enabling, continuing, and contributing to the coercion and killing of random people around the world with my tax dollars. Not to mention what its going to in the States,’ said Wyatt.

After a long, contemplative pause, Wyatt went on to cite the drug war, prison systems, and police as areas of concern. “Everyday there’s another story about some cop beating the life out of a defenseless person…Nah, man, I’m not paying for that shit.”

Yet, Wyatt is just one of a stunning 100% of American taxpayers who feel that they do not in fact appreciate or support the multitude of harm inflicted by their government. Rather, citizens everywhere have expressed the desire to use their money for other things.



CC panoramic

We are thrilled to announce that for the first time, SFL will be hosting three Campus Coordinator Retreats! Retreats this year will be held in Denver, Texas, and Washington, DC.

Each year, SFL accepts the brightest and most promising student leaders in North America to the Campus Coordinator Program where they learn to build up a community for liberty on their campus and in their surrounding area. Each incoming Campus Coordinator takes part in an online summer training program that culminates in the Campus Coordinator Retreat. The retreat brings incoming CCs together to learn from seasoned leaders, meet their colleagues, form a strategy for the year, and–most importantly–forge relationships with other pro-liberty leaders in the U.S. and Canada.

This year, we are pleased to announce that the growing size of the  CC class warrants not one, but three Campus Coordinator Retreats.

SFL Regions

  • Incoming Campus Coordinators in the West and Great Plains regions will be invited to the retreat taking place in Denver, July 17-19.
  • Incoming CCs in Texas will be invited to the Lone Star regional CC Retreat, July 17-19.
  • Incoming CCs  in all other regions will be invited to the CC Retreat taking place in Washington, DC from July 25-26.

Each retreat will feature regional breakout sessions in which leaders make plans for the year, craft a strategy for spreading liberty, and work with their Regional Director to ensure they have all of the resources and support they need to be successful. Retreats also include discussions and presentations from seasoned SFL leaders, lectures from movement leaders, and ample social time to meet fellow SFL leaders.

The Campus Coordinator Retreats are exclusive SFL events open only to those students who have successfully completed the online summer CC training. If you want to join in on the festivities but haven’t yet applied to the CC Program, it’s not too late! You can still apply to be a part of the premier leadership training program in the liberty movement by submitting an application.


I just got off the phone with the Voice & Exit team, and they’re willing to give away a couple of free passes to students in SFL’s network for their June festival in Austin! If you haven’t heard of Voice & Exit before, you won’t want to miss it. The two-day event is a celebration of “flourishing” through human freedom, and is formatted in a way that redefines the conference model through blending in entertainment, art and narrative elements. Participants experience short talks by visionary thought leaders (similar to TEDtalks), interactive small group workshops with the speakers, and a celebration of music, technology and art.

You won’t want to miss it, so click here to enter your name in the raffle!

11022618_818199708228915_2589546936791611524_oThis summer, Voice & Exit will be held June 20-21st and include talks from intellectually stimulating speakers like Alex Tabarrok of Marginal Revolution, Jeffrey Tucker, author of Bit by Bit, and Magatte Wade, CEO of Tiossan. Billed as a “festival of the future,” the genre-bending event allows participants to explore innovations in the categories of self, community and world.

“We were frustrated with the whitepaper-industrial complex,” explains co-founder Max Borders (who you may know as the editor of The Freeman at FEE). “So we were determined to build culture around promising ideas–translating them from the abstract to a more visceral and lasting experience.”

We’ve set up a free raffle here. Just sign up with your name and email for a chance to win.

That’s it! Simple. This raffle is only for students in SFL’s network, so you don’t have to worry about competing with millions of people. So, what are you waiting for? Put your name in now, and you could soon be mingling with though leaders in the liberty movement!



As I am getting ready to graduate in December and step into the “real” world, I have many questions and challenges ahead. Where will I work? Should I move to a new city? How do I find a job? Is my interviewing presence up to par? How will I stay connected to the liberty movement?

Fortunately, a few weeks ago, I joined the Alumni For Liberty Senior Gift Drive, and it has been a huge help in easing my worries for the future.

Alumni For Liberty is a global network of liberty advocates who support each other and the student movement for liberty. Thus far, AFL has been very beneficial to me in offering career services such as feedback on my résumé and recommendations for jobs and internships.

Usually, membership in AFL costs $10 per month, all of which goes to supporting the next generation of student leaders. But thanks to the Senior Gift Drive, graduating seniors who join right now will receive AFL membership for a full year for just one $10 donation.

AFL members get a number of valuable perks upon joining such as invitations to SFL donor events, free drinks at AFL networking happy hours, and even free registration at next year’s ISFLC.

As an AFL member you will have access to the AFL Member Directory at AlumniForLiberty.org. This powerful tool gives you searchable access to the name, location, alma mater, profession, and contact information for all your fellow AFLers to help build your network and stay connected to the liberty movement no matter where life takes you. This means that if I get a job offer in Southern California or almost anywhere else in the world, I can easily find like-minded people to build my social network and discover all the best hot spots and events around town, without stumbling upon the worst places first.

Even those of us who do not wish to advance a full-time career in the liberty movement can still be a part of the revolution. Liberty is a cause we must carry with us throughout our lives, ever vigilant. AFL and the Senior Gift Drive are the next step to do just that. We will find greater strength as we grow the network in size.

Join me and other liberty-minded professionals in Alumni For Liberty today and let’s see if we can change the world together.



This was written by guest authors, Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator, Sam Teixeira, and co-chair of the Students for Individual Liberty Executive Board at the University of Virginia, Grace Charlton.

Wednesday, March 25th, Students for Individual Liberty at the University of Virginia hosted Rebiya Kadeer.  Ms. Kadeer is a native Uyghur from the East Turkistan region of China, also known as the Xinjiang autonomous region.  She was a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman before speaking out against the human rights abuses of the Chinese government, which resulted in her arrest and imprisonment for nearly six years—two of which were in solitary confinement.  She negotiated her transfer to the United States and has since been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Through her translator and confidant Alim Seytoff, Ms. Kadeer described to our group the systematic human rights abuses against the Uyghur people.  She said that East Turkistan “is a police state,” with tanks, armored cars, and heavily armed soldiers patrolling at all hours.  Ms. Kadeer also explained that China tests some of its nuclear and chemical weapons above ground in East Turkistan, leaving many Uyghur deformed and diseased.

Ms. Kadeer was a polarizing figure on campus.  Several UVA students from her region of China attended the event and were very excited to see her.  They

took pictures afterwards and talked with her at length. However, several UVA students from other regions of China also attended the event and attempted to discredit Ms. Kadeer.  They asked questions implying that she was linked to terrorist groups and drilled her on the historical precedence of the land.   One student in particular made a prolonged statement about terrorism before Mr. Seytoff, interrupted and diffused the situation.  The room was tense for much of the hour-long question and answer session. (more…)