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Political involvement is an important part of being a responsible citizen. In addition to making your voice heard, being politically engaged allows you to learn more about your community and connect with the people around you. It’s important to understand the ideas of liberty and connect with fellow classical liberals, but it’s critical that we also connect with those from across the political spectrum. This not only allows us to better understand how our ideas are seen or understood by others, but opens to door for creative collaboration towards a freer world.   

That’s one reason that, this September, SFL’s president, Alexander McCobin, will be addressing the upcoming United We Stand Festival, hosted by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation. The conference aims to bring together socially-conscious political and cultural leaders in order discuss and debate electoral processes. (more…)

It’s crunch time on campus! As we head into Student Disorientation Season, SFL wants to help you reach new students…before your professors do. Below, you’ll find some excellent tabling tips from our Great Plains Regional Director, Wade Craig, and we’ll be sharing stories of success over the next two weeks to help you plan exceptional events. Be sure to apply for SFL’s Student Disorientation Grant if you’ve got a creative idea for an outreach event!

At the University of Oklahoma (OU), Students For Liberty recently completed a fantastically successful tabling session at the freshmen involvement fair. With 95 new members’ contact information added to our listserv – and a couple dozen pounds of tabling supplies removed from our closets – we are well poised for a successful school year spreading liberty at OU! Here are some tips for campus activists who want to get their clubs started off right:

1. Bring something interactive.
We used a “What should you be able to sell?” activity that grabbed people’s attention and encouraged participation from even apathetic and hostile students. It’s not often that someone walking down the sidewalk gets asked whether they should be allowed to sell their kidneys. This was a great way to draw people in and explain what kinds of things we discuss at meetings.


Academic Programs Associate

Students For Liberty is currently seeking a passionate and professional individual to grow online leadership training and academic programs internationally. SFL Academy is designed to develop students in SFL both intellectually and professionally. This individual will oversee marketing and execution of multiple existing programs housed in the academy and will substantively contribute to the development of new programs as well.


  • Training students to help them achieve effective activism, intellectual development, and professional growth
  • Oversight and execution of online training programs such as Leading Liberty Academy, Virtual Reading Groups, Virtual Speaker’s Bureau
  • Development of new courses targeted at the needs of SFL students
  • Acquiring and collaborating with instructors on course development and logistics
  • Marketing and growing SFL Academy programs internationally



ORourkeP.J._NEW“Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.”

Few quotes capture the dangers of the runaway state so colorfully. You’ve probably seen it before…and you’ve definitely heard of the man behind it.

You’ve read his satire in the Atlantic, the American Spectator, and many other outlets. You’ve heard his biting humor on NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me. You’ve seen his books, like Eat the Rich and Give War a Chance, on the shelves of liberty lovers around the world.

And now, you can hear from “America’s favourite living wit” – PJ O’Rourke – at the 9th International Students For Liberty Conference!

SFL is elated that Mr. O’Rourke will be gracing ISFLC16 with clever wordplay and penetrating political insight. You can click below to register today or click here to learn more about the conference and the other speakers we’ve announced so far. I hope you’ll join the fun this February!

Register for #ISFLC16


Do you remember your first day as a libertarian on campus?

I certainly do. It was freshman orientation at UC Berkeley — one of the most progressive universities in the world — and I remember how worried I was that nobody would understand my politics. If only there had been a libertarian club to greet me.

That’s where Students For Liberty comes in. SFL is pleased to announce the launch of our “Student Disorientation” outreach grants. Any pro-liberty club can apply for $100 USD to spend on sprucing up their table, attending a club fair, throwing a pizza party for their first meeting, or any other outreach activity. Just fill out a short application detailing your plans and save your receipts for reimbursement.

The first week of school is critical to the success of any student organization, but especially for libertarian clubs. With SFL’s help, your can get to new students before your statist professors do!

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