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Oct 22

What are your region’s broad goals for the upcoming school year?

Linda Kakuva

Linda Kavuka, IEB Member representing African SFL

Our major focus in ASFL is to improve the quality of training programs and the student leaders in Africa. The approach we are adopting  is to ensure that the core principles of liberty are understood and implemented. The training programs will be rigorous and participants will be taken through a wide variety of materials and additional trainings through the year. We are expanding to more countries, and hope to train leaders who will help us in promoting the ideas of liberty. We are looking into reaching out to students in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, to Eritrean students and South Sudan. We also intend to strengthen and improve the quality of students groups we have currently, including the kind of events to be hosted by our leaders on their respective campuses. We shall achieve this by ensuring our student leaders are properly resourced with materials and mentally with knowledge.

How many Local Coordinators have you accepted this year? And how many conferences are you planning?

We have just launched the Local Coordinators program and we are currently accepting applications. Only strong applicants shall be accepted to join the program. Our focus is on improving the quality of our leaders. We shall have two major conferences, the Eastern African Conference and the Southern African Conference.


African Students For Liberty is currently accepting applications for the Local Coordinator Program!

What, in your opinion, is the greatest opportunity for social change in your region?

Our greatest opportunity for social change geared towards liberty, is the development of stable and active civil society entities dedicated to freedom. Currently we have free market institutes in Zimbabwe and South Africa. This is great, but there is room for more institutes to cater for the needs of the continent. There is little to no coordination between the various libertarian and quasi-libertarian entities in furthering the ideas of freedom. We would like for our student leaders to take their passion for liberty wherever they will go after graduating as they pursue their professions. We hope that the there will be partnerships between the think tanks gradually increasing, the free market institutes and SFL in hosting projects geared towards promoting the ideas of liberty. This will help develop a new libertarian narrative in the region.

If there’s one thing you could tell the world about SFL, what would it be?

SFL is changing the lives of young people, not just in USA, but in the whole world, with the message of peace, love and liberty. I speak as a beneficiary of this organization, that encourages young people to believe in themselves, to follow their dreams, and that their dreams are valid. SFL is certainly one of the few truly international champions of liberty.


Earlier this month, SFL announced the initial lineup for our 2015 Regional Conferences. But that was just the beginning! Today, SFL is excited to announce three more in New York City, Chicago, and Utah, bringing the total up to 19. This is not the final count, however. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we announce even more!

Here are the details:

New York City

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YoungVoices_logo_clr-01Students For Liberty’s Young Voices project is putting the Millennial perspective on the map, helping young libertarians get their ideas in publications from Forbes to the Huffington Post and on TV channels from BBC to C-SPAN. I’m happy to announce we’re now expanding to yet another medium: podcasts.

That’s right, the Young Voices Podcast is now available on iTunes!

Is jury nullification legal? Is there a libertarian solution to environmental concerns like climate change? Was the Civil War truly fought over states’ rights?

All of these questions and more are answered in the podcast’s first eight episodes, available to download or stream right now. And if you subscribe, you’ll get a new podcast every week, exploring the issues of the day from the liberty movement’s brightest young minds.

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Director of Development

Students For Liberty (SFL) began in 2008-2009 with a total revenue of approximately $50,000. During the 2014-2015 year, SFL raised over $3.2 million. As SFL’s programmatic efforts continue to grow, we need our fundraising capabilities to grow as well.

Reporting to and in partnership with the President, the Director of Development will spearhead development efforts as Students For Liberty continues to grow. A new position in the organization, the Director will have the opportunity to build the development function.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Develop and execute SFL’s annual fundraising plan
  • Secure financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations
  • Manage the implementation of Salesforce and oversee staff responsible for data entry and gift processing
  • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with major donors
  • Create and execute a strategy for a large sustained base of annual individual donors
  • Oversee organization of special events
  • Develop and track proposals and reports for all foundation and corporate fundraising


The student liberty movement is larger than ever and still growing!

The student liberty movement is larger than ever and still growing!

Most students see summer as a time of rest, all lazy afternoons and a respite from homework. But as Anne Butcher pointed out in a recent post, the student activist knows it’s a great time to plan, train, and otherwise prepare for the year to come. This summer is no different, and at Students For Liberty, our dedicated leaders have been working with great energy to give the liberty movement a year like never before. From Brazil to Georgia, our teams are stronger than they’ve ever been. And they’re reaching more young people than we ever thought possible – last year SFL succeeded in bringing together over 10,000 pro-liberty students at conferences around the world. And we’re poised to keep growing. If there is one truth about social change, it’s that the power to succeed in changing the world comes from the ability to bring many different people together for a unified thrust.

But the size of our network isn’t everything and we’re also working to connect the dots between major allies for liberty. Without a forum in which to bring different voices together, our ability to grow and to reach new communities with our shared vision of a freer world would be much more difficult. By engaging the thought leaders of our times on behalf of young libertarians, Students For Liberty is ensuring that these discussions happen and the burning flame of liberty is visible to the political mainstream and graspable for those unfamiliar with the philosophy of liberty. (more…)