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Fellowship for Freedom

Fellowship for Freedom

The fellowship aims to educate SFL leaders and encourage them to critically engage in various development, public policy and foreign policy from a libertarian perspective that they might not otherwise encounter during their academic and graduate studies.

The selected fellows will undergo three weeks of training on Libertarian Public Policy and will be attending workshops on the basics of research and op-ed writing which will be conducted by the academics team and other partnered organizations. After the first few weeks of training, the fellows will be assigned into small cohorts based on similar policy interests, skills, and career aspirations. The cohorts will be digging deeper into their interest area and will be facilitated by panelists who are experts on the field.

The SFL Fellowship For Freedom In India will provide invaluable resources and reference materials. Fellows can expect these materials to be explanatory, educational, and easily accessible. The fellows will have the opportunity to publish their op-eds across leading media outlets in India and with SFL partnered institutions across the globe.

Apart from publishing the research and op-eds, the fellowship includes training, mentorship and other networking opportunities to connect fellows with executives, speakers, and mentors which would help them in refining their plans and goals in public policy and honing the ability to write and speak persuasively on various policy and development issues. The fellows will be encouraged to host webinars, appear on podcasts, etcetera, in order to disseminate their research. The fellowship would help the fellows to grow personally and professionally, as well as develop friendships and professional networks for future opportunities.