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Students For Liberty Stands With The Cuban People To End Dictatorship


HAVANA, CUBA — After decades of repression and economic suffering, the Cuban people have taken to the streets demanding liberty. They are fighting the tyranny of the communist regime, which has denied generations of Cubans the right to freely determine their own future and strive for prosperity.

“People are in the streets right now, they are chanting liberty and freedom because now is the time for a new chapter in Cuban history where people no longer have to suffer misery, repression, and hunger. This is not temporary, the situation is going to keep escalating because you can see in millions of Cubans a people no longer afraid of the government,” — said Alejandra Franganillo, a Students For Liberty leader from Cuba.

Students For Liberty stands with the Cuban people in their brave fight for liberty and supports their call to end the authoritarian regime. The Cuban regime must hear the people and serve their needs, as it is responsible for the suffering it has inflicted on Cuban citizens. Individuals prosper in peaceful and free societies. A society in which every individual has a right to exercise their right to life, liberty, and property is a society that will prosper.

“Today in Cuba hospitals are collapsing due to lack of medicine, doctors, and vaccines, but this is not a problem from COVID-19, this is a problem due to the inefficiency of the socialist system which is inefficient in allocating the resources that Cuban people need. Cubans are tired of living in a dictatorship” — said Alejandra Franganillo.

At Students For Liberty, we believe that human ingenuity, markets, and technological progress are the best solutions to the most challenging problems of humanity — including diseases, food production, or environmental challenges; therefore the dictatorship in Cuba and elsewhere must end once and for all.

About Students For Liberty:

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Accredited members of the media can arrange interviews with Alejandra Franganillo by contacting Students For Liberty’s Public Relations Strategist Mariam Gogolishvili at [email protected] or by phone at 995 557116661

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