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Day In The Life

Day in the Life: South Asia Local Coordinator Karan Pawaria


“Like all individuals, I long to belong to a place where I find my true self. Students For Liberty will always be my home.”

  1. What made you decide to join Students For Liberty?

As a budding economics graduate, I had the ideas and the energy. Students For Liberty not only provided me with a massive platform, but also polished my ideas and channeled my energy to a number of causes I believe in, both practically and morally.

  1. What was your biggest accomplishment as a student leader?

Personally, I was overjoyed to have been selected as one of the top global leaders for the year 2019-20, as well as having been invited to LibertyCon 2020. But that’s a close second to having revamped and restructured a struggling local SFL region so that no future Karan would have to bear the brunt.

  1. What would you tell someone who is considering getting involved with Students For Liberty?

A successful group dynamic is often touted as the reason why you initially came to an idea, but you usually choose to stay for the people. I can firmly attest that I came to Students For Liberty for the ideas, but I decided to stay because of both the people and the ideas.

  1. What does liberty mean to you?

Liberty for me, means responsibility. A responsibility to ensure that liberty does not remain an exclusive entity for my personal gain, but an inclusive concept for the greater good of human civilization.

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