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The Human Cost of Putin’s War: a talk by our Ukrainian Coordinator Tania Rak at LibertyCon International


Our Ukrainian Coordinator Tetiana Rak, originally from Mariupol, who has herself been dislocated from her country along with her family as a consequence of Russia’s invasion, has been raising awareness of the atrocities that are being committed on a daily basis by Russian invaders against the Ukrainian people.

In the summer, Tania spoke at the Miltonalia conference in Poland, organized by our partners from the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation, where she explained the importance of and the dos and don’ts of reporting on war crimes.

Most recently, Tania also started her own journalistic project Ukrainian Superwomen, documenting the stories of women leaders from Ukraine to spotlight their strength, resilience, boldness, and other features that define them as role models and leaders.

In October, Tania went on to speak at LibertyCon International in Miami on a main stage panel called The Human Cost of Putin’s War. Tania spoke about the situation in her own country, the horrific situations and fear people go through daily, and extraordinary as well as mundane stories of bravery. She also spoke on the importance of international cooperation in times of crisis, and about how important it is for Europe and the world to support Ukraine in repelling Russia’s aggression.

In doing so, she not only explains to her audiences the importance of standing behind Ukraine in these trying times, but also shows them the strength Ukrainians and Students For Liberty everywhere are capable of in a time of crisis.

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