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SFL coordinator Tetiana Rak launches a new media project in support of Ukrainian women


Students for Liberty (SFL) coordinator from Ukraine, Tetiana Rak is collaborating with Joanna Socha the founder of W-Insight to showcase the stories of inspiring women making a better world despite difficult circumstances. 

Her new media project is titled “Ukrainian Superwomen”.  For this project, Tetiana will be interviewing women leaders from Ukraine to spotlight their strength, resilience, boldness, and other features that define them as women leaders.

Tetiana is a journalist and a PR/communications manager. She has been a part of SFL ever since she became a local coordinator in Ukraine. 

She has worked with CNN, TechCrunch, and other media. Her words have also been featured on Fox News, the BBC, in Elle magazine, and in Libertatio. Tania is also a Senior Editor with Speak Freely, a journal offshoot of the European branch of Students for Liberty. Through her work there Tania promotes the ideas of liberty, providing writers from all over Europe with a platform to publish engaging articles on politics, economics, science, and technology. 

Tetiana Rak is driven by her belief in freedom as a movement that gives people the opportunity to speak, act and pursue happiness without unnecessary external restrictions.

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