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Day in the Life: Asia-Pacific Local Coordinator Nomingerel Erdenebaatar


  1. What made you decide to join Students For Liberty?

In 2019, I had the chance to attend the Liberty International world conference. Here is where I learned about Students For Liberty for the first time. There are many reasons why I decided to become a part of this family, but first things first, I was very inspired by their mission and wanted to share these ideas with Mongolian students. 

Needless to say that one of the reasons I became attracted to Students For Liberty was the global networking community and culture. It is very international, with leaders from all over the world. Not only could I make friends with leaders from many countries, but I also have the opportunity to learn from them.  

  1. What was your biggest accomplishment as a student leader with Students For Liberty?

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” For me, my biggest accomplishment after joining Students For Liberty was becoming the first Local Coordinator in Mongolia.

  1. What are some of the best tools and resources Students For Liberty gave you?

As I am a young and curious girl, knowledge and education are what I crave most. Through Students For Liberty’s learning platform, I’m able to access tons of interesting ideas and educational content. The Learn Liberty YouTube channel also has very good video content. 

  1. What would you tell someone who’s considering getting involved?

If you truly value your freedom and would like to become a leader in your community, don’t waste your time. Come and join us. SFL can support you and help you spread the ideas of liberty. 

  1. What made you interested in the ideas of liberty?

I heard many inspiring yet thoughtful stories and speeches at the Liberty international world conference. One of the life long stories of Yuri Maltsev touched me so hard that it made me learn more about the ideas of liberty. 

His story was all about struggle and restricted freedom in the socialist community and how he escaped from his situation to find freedom. This story inspired me to become more passionate about the value of freedom..

  1. What does liberty mean TO YOU?

For me, liberty means a room full of choices. Having a choice in everything is the most important thing that liberty can give us. 

  1. Is there anything else you would like to add? 

I’m looking for a very bright future in expanding the Students For Liberty team in Mongolia. We are focusing on building our team with more passionate and independent leaders of our community. 

Therefore, our current team will consider organizing more education-oriented events among students to introduce SFL and will work towards improving our social platform engagement.

To learn more about Asia-Pacific’s Local Coordinator Program, click on the button below. 

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