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Students For Liberty and the Leadership Institute partner with You Are The Power for a five-day university tour through Ohio

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Students For Liberty and the Leadership Institute organized a five-day tour of Ohio for Spike Cohen where he spoke with students and conducted media interviews

Spike Cohen is a political activist and entrepreneur who rose to prominence during the 2020 United States presidential election as the vice-presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, running alongside Jo Jorgensen. Cohen is known for his fervent advocacy of individual freedom, free markets, and non-interventionist foreign policy. He is currently the chair and founder of his non-profit, You Are The Power, which aims to empower people with the knowledge and ability to foster positive political change in their communities. 

Students For Liberty, with the help of the Leadership Institute, organized a five-day tour for Cohen where he spoke with students at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio University, and Kent State University, while doing media interviews along the way. 

Coming into Cincinnati a day early, Cohen appeared live on Kennedy on FOX Business from a local studio to take part in a panel that discussed President Biden denying that his family were involved in any political payouts, and former President Trump’s potential indictment. SFL local coordinator Annika Simovart joined Cohen at a studio in the city where he did his live segment, taking some photos and getting a chance to see live cable news production from behind the scenes.

On the first night of the tour, at the University of Cincinnati, Cohen focused on engaging with students who are interested in social justice issues and activism. Given the school’s reputation on these issues, it was a perfect fit. Many of the SFL members asked questions during the livestream about topics ranging from ending qualified immunity to the prospect of the nation holding a constitutional convention. Edina Kovacs from the Leadership Institute worked with Annika Simovart to manage the Q&A session as the room filled up to just over capacity. Over eighty students and locals attended; a former professor and elected city council member, Mike Maines, showed up with several pizzas to feed students.

The next morning, before leaving for Athens, Cohen visited the WLW 700AM studio and spoke with morning host Scott Sloan about the political issues of the day while plugging the Students For Liberty tour. Their conversation was fantastic, and covered topics ranging from free-market economics to problems with the Federal Reserve. Sloan is known for his outspoken and often controversial opinions, and he has been recognized for his work in broadcasting, winning several awards from the Ohio Associated Press and the Cincinnati Society of Professional Journalists.

At Ohio University, Cohen shifted his focus to issues related to higher education and the challenges faced by students in pursuing their academic and career goals. After a gracious introduction from local SFL coordinator Adam Cahoon, Cohen began his speech highlighting the importance of free speech and the exchange of diverse ideas on college campuses, before the Leadership Institute’s Blake Shiplett opened up the floor for a Q&A, leading the students to ask some tough questions about income inequality and qualified immunity.

On the final day of the tour, at Kent State University, Cohen touched on topics related to social and political change, given the university’s history as the site of a tragic shooting during a student protest in 1970. After a fantastic introduction from local SFL regional coordinator Nick Fisher, Cohen discussed the importance of peaceful protest and activism, as well as students’ power to effect positive change in their communities and in society at large. The train derailment and environmental disaster of East Palestine, Ohio was also discussed at length.

Cohen is known for his Q&A sessions, small group discussions, and other interactive activities that encourage participation and dialogue, and the SFL students and alumni in attendance at each event had plenty of time to ask questions and even hang out afterwards at a local diner for more discussions. Students For Liberty would like to thank The Leadership Institute and You Are The Power for taking part in this fantastic tour.


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