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Students For Liberty joins White Paper Protests to support Chinese demonstrators

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SFL activists attended sporting events over the weekend, handing out pieces of white paper to spectators with a message about the ongoing protests in China

MCLEAN, VA., December 20, 2022 – Recently, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) implemented further policies to significantly restrict freedom of speech in the country.

In addition to stringent and long-lasting COVID lockdowns, this prompted a major response from citizens who, in an attempt to express their rejection of these measures, decided to start the White Paper Protest, which consists of holding a blank piece of paper in front of their faces to denounce the censorship, blocked content and general lack of freedom of speech that is stifling the nation.

Given that the Chinese media has failed to inform the world about these issues, Students For Liberty has sought to raise awareness and to show their solidarity with the demonstrators in China.

Students For Liberty representatives attended sporting events over the past weekend and handed out pieces of white paper to spectators with a message about the ongoing protests.

The Washington Commanders game was the epicenter of this protest, where dozens of activists, both inside and outside the stadium, gathered to express their solidarity with those oppressed in China.

Hunter Fox, an SFL activist and one of the organizers of this protest, stated that the current political situation in China involves “unacceptable human rights abuses” and emphasized that SFL “stands with the protestors.”

Through his social media, renowned journalist Ford Fischer described the campaign spearheaded by these organizations, “They’re handing out papers blank on one side and with a message on the other (and) holding them in front of their face in solidarity with student protesters in China.”

SFL believes that these types of protests must be replicated in other places and on other platforms in order to help raise awareness for the citizens who are fighting for their freedom under the communist regime in China and are struggling to have their voices heard.

For any questions or clarification, or to schedule an interview with Students For Liberty CEO Dr. Wolf von Laer, please contact Brian Lambrecht directly.

Brian S. Lambrecht

PR Manager, Students For Liberty

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