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Students For Liberty condemns the violent actions of the Australian government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

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Students For Liberty condemns violent measures that the Australian government is taking to enforce their response to the pandemic

Students For Liberty condemns violent measures that the Australian government is taking to enforce their response to the pandemic. These include:

  • The Victorian Premier pushing to pass the equivalent of the enabling act through the Victorian parliament, giving him the power to rule by decree without parliamentary accountability;
  • Martial law being enforced on the streets of Sydney;
  • Citizens being forced out of their homes in the Northern Territory and put into “quarantine camps”; The indigenous Australian population have been particularly affected;
  • Citizens in South Australia being forced to take selfies inside their homes on an app within 15 minutes at a random time or have the police show up at their homes to arrest them;
  • Premiers unconstitutionally closing the state borders, according to Section 92 of the Australian Constitution;
  • Activists being jailed for expressing their opinions in the streets and on social media.

Australian citizens have held regular protests asking for their rights to be upheld and the rule of law to be restored. These demonstrations have been met with unparalleled police suppression. Members of the public are being pepper-sprayed and many were recently fired upon with rubber bullets by the very people Australians pay and trust to protect them. Along with numerous reports of pressure and intimidation against protesters, this raises serious doubts about the government’s commitment to a safe environment for Australian citizens.

At Students For Liberty, we believe that such conduct represents state-sanctioned violence and is unacceptable in a civil and free society. The government bears primary responsibility for creating an environment that protects individuals’ rights and ensures that all citizens can exercise their rights to freedom of speech and assembly, without threats of intimidation or harassment.

“Australia and especially my home state Victoria have suffered enough with the tyranny down under. Our politicians and bureaucrats haven’t listened to the people crying out for freedom – we need help from our friends overseas. The outcome I’m hoping for is no more lockdowns, COVID mandates/restrictions, and that our freedom is restored,” said Will Joseph, National Coordinator for Asia-Pacific Students For Liberty

“For this matter, we are organizing a worldwide protest, excluding Australia. We call for an international ‘SOS from Australia’ event in support of our plight for freedom. We ask that on December 4, 2021, at 12 PM local time you go to the Australian Embassy or Consulate in support of Australia. On this date, we call upon politicians, international leaders, and all concerned citizens to respond to our SOS. Note that whatever tyranny and oppression you see in Australia is destined for your country if we aren’t able to stop it. It seems evident Australia is ‘ground zero’,” said Joseph.

Students For Liberty stands with the Australian people in their aspirations for a freer future. We support their call for the state to respect their rights to move freely, express themselves, and hold peaceful demonstrations.

To support the people of Australia, you can join the demonstrations on December 4, 2021, at 12 PM local time. For more information about cities and locations visit:


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