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Students For Liberty Awarded $1.5 Million to Launch 3-Year Free Market Environmentalism Program

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SFL is launching a global program focused on explaining how free markets can be more effective than government mandates in fighting climate change

McLean, Virginia / October 27, 2022 – Students For Liberty (SFL) is launching a global educational and incubator program focused on explaining how free markets and voluntary exchange can be more effective than government mandates in fighting climate change and creating a cleaner, more sustainable world. This program is made possible by the generous support of a private donor who has committed $1.5 million to funding this project and chooses to remain anonymous. 

On the heels of the SFL flagship event LibertyCon last week in Miami, CEO of Students For Liberty Dr. Wolf von Laer was enthusiastic about “leveraging the entire machinery of Students For Liberty” on promoting free market solutions to environmental challenges over the next several years.

“We will activate our thousands of entrepreneurial student volunteers and harness their creativity to devise new ways to tackle these challenges without central planning and government bureaucracy.” Dr. von Laer continued, describing how the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world will mobilize their national network, and focus on demonstrating the power of free market solutions to millions with social media, videos, in-person events, and more all through to 2025.

SFL staff, students, alumni, and the activist network will brainstorm free-market solutions to the challenge of environmental degradation, pollution, and sustainability, bringing actionable solutions to countries across every inhabited continent. SFL will also launch a student-lead incubator program focused on creating, managing, and executing big projects with a lasting impact on the environment.

On-campus events will feature heavily in the program as well. These will include local events, conferences, lectures, panels, film screenings, debates, tablings, and group meetings that include educational content, protests, street theater, and art exhibits. Based on established program output over the previous 15 years, SFL will produce over 600 events with a minimum of 18,000 attendees by the end of the three year-grant period.

To schedule an interview with Dr. Wolf von Laer about the new Free Market Environmentalism project, please contact SFL’s Press Relations Manager, Brian Lambrecht, directly at 708-420-8324 or [email protected] 

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Founded in 2008, Students For Liberty has rapidly grown to be the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world, with students active in 117 countries. With a multi-million dollar budget and 77 full-time staff members, we educate, develop, and empower pro-liberty students in their pursuit of becoming leaders of liberty. We accomplish this by identifying the top students and training and empowering them to be agents of change on campuses now and in society in the future.

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