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Students For Liberty Annual Report Showcases A Year of Remarkable Achievements

Students For Liberty highlights its efforts to spur stronger and more inclusive growth amid the pandemic in its 2021 Annual Report.

WASHINGTON, DC Students For Liberty today released its 2021 Annual Report that highlights its efforts to spur stronger and more inclusive growth amid the pandemic and unexpected challenges that have required rapid adjustments. 

“For many companies and organizations, the pandemic caused progress to halt for an entire year. Expectations were lowered, goals were forgotten, and results were accepted as the best they could do. Not Students For Liberty. We didn’t let up, and we did remarkable things.” said Dr. Wolf von Laer, Students For Liberty’s Chief Executive Officer.

“In times of crisis, governments grow exponentially. They push aside personal rights and responsibility telling us it’s for our own good, and many people accept that. At SFL, we do not. Our staff and student volunteers knew that this wasn’t the time to cede ground, it was the time to push back. More than ever, it is young people demanding their liberty and rejecting the ideas of big government.”

The report comes ahead of the SFL’s biggest international student gathering, Freer Future Fest, taking place on October 9, 2021, in Nashville, TN. It features a new approach to pro-liberty activism that features alumni impact stories and emphasizes the work of the volunteers, whose dedication is critical to ensure the organization’s vision of advancing liberty in all aspects of society.

“In the enclosed annual report, you will read more about these student volunteers and examples of the work they are doing. You’ll see the fiscal year 2021 by the numbers, which speak for themselves. As you’re reading, I encourage you to look beyond the numbers as well,” said Dr. Wolf von Laer. “Yes, the numbers are impressive, but they are inspiring when one considers the outstanding global force for liberty they represent.”

SFL volunteers organized events for more than four times as many attendees in the last school year compared to the previous year, the report notes. During the year, SFL faced key challenges, including the sudden lockdowns, government overreach, and the repression of student activists under the regime in Belarus and Myanmar, where SFL moved quickly to ensure their safety. 

“SFL has always supported me in my activism. During my battle against the regime, I felt the SFL family always supporting me, and for that, I will always be grateful. I truly appreciate that support.” says Piotr Markielau, SFL leader from Belarus.

The 2021 report covers the impact of the organization’s alumni, emphasizing their achievements in politics, business, and academia. SFL’s alumnus Tim Baxter was elected to the House of Representatives in New Hampshire, and Julio Clavijo and Egle Markeviciute are crafting policies as Vice-Minister of Economic Inclusion in Ecuador and Vice-Minister for Technology and Economics in Lithuania respectively.

“We are extremely proud to see our alumni serving their communities in positions of influence across the fields of politics, business, academia, and journalism, as well as many other prominent industries.” Dr. Wolf von Laer.

The report highlights SFL’s key achievements in the United States, Korea, the United Kingdom, and Brazil, with media exposure across the globe, including Forbes, Politico Pro, Euractiv, Nasdaq, Bitcoin Magazine, Coindesk, il Foglio, and many more. 

This year’s Annual Report shows in detail how Students For Liberty plans to build a freer future and sums up the major achievements of the organization in the 2021 Fiscal Year:

“As this report shows, Students For Liberty’s agility and focus allowed us to respond to the challenges of the pandemic by doing more than just surviving; we just wrapped up our most successful year to date. We are training more leaders, holding more events, and reaching more attendees than ever before,” says von Laer.

 Download the 2021 Annual Report by clicking on the button below.


About Student For Liberty:

Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty, student-driven organization in the world. Students For Liberty’s mission is to educate, develop, and empower the next generation of leaders for liberty. For more information visit: www.studentsforliberty.org

Media Relations: 

Students For Liberty’s CEO Dr. Wolf von Laer is available for interviews with accredited media. To arrange a meeting, please, contact Students For Liberty’s PR Manager Julia Kril at [email protected] or by phone at +39 331 146 98 36.


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