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Annual Report from Students For Liberty Showcases Strides Made in Fights For Free Markets, Free Speech Among Young People

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Students For Liberty's Annual Report highlights how economic uncertainty and political corruption motivate young people to stand up

MCLEAN, VA., December 13, 2022 – Students For Liberty, the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world, unveiled their Annual Report entitled ‘This Is the Moment SFL Was Created For.’ Highlights of the report include what inspires donors in our world today, how economic uncertainty and political corruption motivate young people to stand up and take charge, and insight into how nonprofits like SFL can connect with impassioned students around the world.

Despite being in a recession, Gen Z and millennials are more engaged with both social and economic causes, proving how important it is for nonprofits like Students For Liberty to tap into these passionate audiences to advance their mission.

Growth and Activism By the Numbers

The SFL report published several numbers to demonstrate how their “worldwide network of pro-liberty advocates invested over 523,039 volunteer hours” into activism projects in the last school year alone, “with each volunteer having put in at least 5 hours every week,” emphasizing how “a volunteer hour in 2021 is valued at $29.95” meaning “that just in terms of direct economic value SFL had an impact of $15,665,018.”

Media views are also on the rise, with a total reach of unique viewers exposed to SFL content reaching 1.3 billion. 

Learn Liberty, the platform SFL created aimed at showcasing free market video content to the 18 – 24 year old demographic, increased viewers by 19%. They currently stand at 280k subscribers with over 637k hours of content holding steady at over 5 million views.

Fighting for Liberty On An International Scale

Many breakthrough events that have taken place within the last few years, and the energy and impact is only growing. An unprecedented event to empower women in the Middle East region took place when SFL Morocco hosted a women’s talk to open a discussion on individual rights and liberty. 

The Asia-Pacific region held a record 36 events, collected a record 1,955 contacts, hosted 14 trainings, and garnered the most participation in its history as an SFL region. Last year, SFL Africa coordinated their first region-wide protest to end the police brutality embodied in SARS in Nigeria. SFL students and activists hit the streets with posters and Peace, Love, Liberty signs, garnering media attention from outlets such as BBC and CNN. 

SFL Coordinators and staff joined protests in Nigeria and mobilized thousands of young people across the country to demand an end to a recent new wave of police brutality that was occurring. One of many Nigerians who has constantly suffered from political repressions is SFL’s Director of Programs, Olumayowa Okediran who was accosted by a Nigerian police unit in the Ajah neighborhood of Lekki for the seventh time within the past few years. The details of his detainment can be found in the Annual Report. 

The stories continue with tales of SFL coordinators helping Ukrainian refugees, protests against the military-run government of Myanmar, and hosting an event to promote peace in Kabul amid the Taliban-led Afghanistan government. 

The stories include tales of students and activists in rough – even dangerous – situations. All of these are written in detail throughout the 2022 Annual Report. 

SFL’s Vision Going Forward

Students For Liberty CEO Dr. Wolf von Laer expressed his excitement in the many ways that SFL presents “a true alternative to the often collectivist and freedom-disparaging teachings of most universities.” He continued praising the SFL staff students and activists for their efforts, explaining how their effort “is highly valuable and demands our applause for these brave souls who often do this work under huge pressure from their peers, professors, and university administrations.”

Turning his attention to the supporters, activists, and stakeholders, Dr. Wolf von Laer continued; “Our students, as well as our organization, grow significantly thanks to you. We appreciate our supporters, partners, speakers, and staff deeply. Without you, we would not be able to present a humane, up-lifting, and just alternative to the predominantly statist education that students receive. Young people can change the world and Students For Liberty is the organization that produces these leaders of tomorrow.”

For any questions or clarification, or to schedule an interview with CEO Dr. Wolf von Laer, please contact Brian Lambrecht directly at 708-420-8324 or [email protected] 

About Students For Liberty

SFL is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world with students active in 113 countries on every inhabited continent. With a multi-million dollar budget and over 77 full-time staff members, they serve pro-liberty students in their pursuit to become leaders of liberty.  They accomplish this through a strategy of identifying the top students and then empowering them to be agents of change in their communities. Last school year, their students organized over 1,910 events with over 1.15 million people in attendance. They are a fully virtual, vibrant, and entrepreneurial organization working with a diverse team in the U.S. and around the world.

Brian S. Lambrecht

Students For Liberty
[email protected]


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Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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