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Students For Liberty Announces Lineup for LibertyCon 2022 in Miami

We are pleased to announce the lineup for our flagship event, LibertyCon International 2022, on Oct. 14-15 at the Hyatt Regency in Miami, FL.

Enes Kanter Freedom, John Mackey, Rep. Nancy Mace, Rep. Justin Amash, and many others to headline at SFL’s flagship event this October

Students For Liberty (SFL) is pleased to announce the return of their flagship event, LibertyCon International 2022, on October 14-15 at the Hyatt Regency in Miami, FL. With students active in 117 countries, previous LibertyCon events have been hosted in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and South America. Last year’s event was the largest hybrid event in the liberty movement with a record number of attendees and over 600k online viewers worldwide. This year will be the full return of LibertyCon for the first time since the pandemic.

NBA star and human rights activist Enes Kanter Freedom has been announced as the featured presenter at LibertyCon on Saturday night. Kanter Freedom is a civic activist who gained lots of attention with his outspoken criticism of human rights violations around the world, even when it came at the price of his career and personal safety. Matt Welch, editor-at-large for Reason Magazine, which sponsored this event, will lead the discussion with Enes Kanter Freedom on the main stage Saturday evening. 

The featured Friday night presenter is five-term congressman Justin Amash. Amash served as the representative for Michigan’s 3rd congressional district from 2011 to 2021. Originally a Republican, he officially switched to Libertarian in April 2020, becoming the party’s first (and so far, only) member of Congress. As Students For Liberty CEO Dr. Wolf von Laer said about Amash’s participation, “we are fortunate to have the former congressman join us in Miami to share his insights and experiences from ten years working in Washington and being part of the political process.”

Congresswoman Nancy Mace from South Carolina’s 1st district will join the main stage as one of the featured presenters discussing issues related to criminal justice. Rep. Mace made a name for herself being the second Republican ever to propose a bill to end the federal government’s 85-year prohibition on cannabis, which she will discuss with the students at LibertyCon. In an interview with Forbes back in January on her proposal, she stated: “This has been a very long, very painful, expensive, and harmful federal war… and when you look at the statistics, there are great disparities between black and brown and white communities. [Ending federal prohibition] would bring more opportunity and parity, and end and cure some of the grievances in the war on drugs.”

2020 Libertarian candidate for vice president and political commentator Spike Cohen will be debating streaming pioneer and political commentator Steven Bonnell aka Destiny on whether libertarianism is really a perfect solution or just an unrealistic fantasy. Cohen, founder of the non-profit You Are The Power, was the first millennial ever to be on the ballot in all fifty states. A regular in both mainstream and social media outlets, Cohen is looking forward to having a friendly debate with Destiny, a personality known for his intense debating skills, in the afternoon on Saturday at LibertyCon.

Many notable speakers from multiple groups and diverse backgrounds across the globe will also be taking part in the conference throughout the weekend. Some of these presenters include:

  • Whole Foods co-founder and CEO John Mackey
  • Reason magazine Editor-in-Chief Katherine Mangu-Ward
  • 2020 Libertarian candidate for president Jo Jorgensen
  • Former Congressman from Illinois Joe Walsh
  • Economics Professor Antony Davies
  • Cato Institute Director of Health Policy Michael Cannon
  • Founder of Libertarianism.org and author Aaron Ross Powell
  • Political commentator and podcast host Hannah Cox
  • Independent journalist and filmmaker Ford Fischer
  • Reason magazine Editor-at-Large Matt Welch
  • Entrepreneur and political activist Martha Bueno
  • President for Foundation of Economic Education Zilvinas Silenas
  • Economist and Venezuelean socialism critic Daniel Di Martino
  • Drug policy reform activist Christina Dent
  • Social media influencer and political commentator Warren Rhea
  • Independent journalist and documentarian Jon Farina
  • Journalist and Co-founder of Ideas Beyond Borders Melissa Chen

Entrepreneur, political activist, and elected local official in Miami, Martha Bueno will be the host and emcee for LibertyCon International at the Hyatt Regency in Miami, October 14-15. Registration for the event can be found at LibertyCon.com where you can register to see these great presenters and more.

Students For Liberty is also offering travel scholarships to liberty-loving students in North America. Applications for this program can be filled out at LibertyCon.com/scholarship. The deadline for submission is September 26, 2022. 

For any questions or clarification, or to schedule an interview with a Students For Liberty representative, please contact Brian Lambrecht directly at 708-420-8324 or [email protected] 

Brian S. Lambrecht
Students For Liberty
[email protected]


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