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Students Showing Solidarity With Chinese Protesters This Weekend

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MCLEAN, VA., December 16, 2022 – Students across the country, led by Students For Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty, will be holding two White Paper Demonstrations in solidarity with Chinese protesters and to make sure they know their cause has not been forgotten.

These demonstrations will take place this weekend at Fenway Park for the Fenway Bowl on Saturday, December 17 and Fedex Field for the Commanders/Giants game on Sunday, December 18. 

In one of the largest public condemnations of the Chinese government in recent memory, Chinese citizens have been protesting Xi Jinping’s strict, zero-covid policies and censorship by displaying blank white pieces of paper at public gatherings and in organized group activities. 

The protests have garnered international attention, and are credited with the Chinese Communist party backing down on some of the more restrictive policies in recent weeks. These protests were triggered by a fire which killed many occupants in a large apartment building who were constrained from exiting by the existing Covid policies at the time.

Students and fans will hold up blank white pieces of paper during every field goal kick that takes place to show solidarity with the Chinese citizens censored by their regime so their voices can continue to be heard around the world. 

SFL Student Leader Hunter Fox said “When faced with the life-threatening decision between maintaining the status quo or fighting for freedom, it’s no surprise that, under a totalitarian regime, few choose the latter.” Fox continued, saying that he was “deeply inspired by the Chinese citizens who’ve made the conscious decision to pursue liberty, despite countless reasons to remain silent. I am excited to stand in solidarity with the white paper protesters in China as they fight for basic human rights that we so often take for granted.”

If you would like more information on what this represents and how this demonstration came about, you can reach out directly to Students For Liberty Director of North American Programs Dan Johnson at 567-201-5432 or [email protected] for all your questions. 

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Brian S. Lambrecht
Students For Liberty
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