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SFL Spain expands opportunities for their volunteers and the country’s pro-liberty network

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Building on successful initiatives from the previous year, SFL Spain is significantly expanding opportunities for their volunteers through strategic partnerships.

Building on their successful initiatives from the previous year, our Students For Liberty team in Madrid is significantly expanding opportunities for their volunteers through strategic partnerships. 

One noteworthy collaboration involves an internship agreement between the Instituto Juan de Mariana (IJM) and Students For Liberty. This partnership is designed to offer students unparalleled opportunities to gain practical experience in the realm of classical liberal thought and public policy. 

Through this agreement, Students For Liberty volunteers will have the chance to intern at IJM, a distinguished institution dedicated to advancing liberty’s principles. These internships will provide students with hands-on experience, allowing them to work alongside experts in the field, engage in advocacy efforts, and contribute to impactful policy projects.

By bridging the gap between theory and practice, this initiative aims to equip coordinators with valuable skills, insights, and networks for their future careers in promoting liberty and driving meaningful social and economic change.

Another significant agreement is between the Association of Students “Voces Libres” and Students For Liberty Madrid, marking a crucial step towards collaborative efforts for a freer future in Spain. The objective is to pool skills, resources, and expertise to jointly champion the principles of liberty, individualism, and open discourse among students in the city.

This collaborative approach not only amplifies the influence of both organizations but also leaves a lasting impact on Madrid’s intellectual landscape. It empowers students to engage in the pursuit of a freer and more prosperous society while respecting the unique contributions of each organization.

Additionally, in cooperation with key partners such as Instituto Juan de Mariana, Voces Libres, Fundalib, and others, the team has established the new Regional Table of Liberal Organizations. This initiative aims to enhance communication and collaboration among these entities, fostering a stronger sense of unity and shared purpose within the liberal community. 

By facilitating the exchange of ideas and resources, this platform becomes a catalyst for joint initiatives promoting the values of liberty, individualism, and open discourse in the region. As founding members, Fundalib, IJM, and Students For Liberty Madrid are paving the way for a more cohesive and impactful liberal movement in the region, poised to make a meaningful difference in advancing these principles within society.

Political Theory Congress

The team’s efforts to expand their members’ network and opportunities resulted in one of the highlights of our autumn events: the Classical Political Theory Congress in Madrid.

The event, also titled “Cives Romani Sumus,” was an intellectually enriching event that spanned three full days. With a program featuring over 25 thought-provoking presentations, the Congress served as a forum for in-depth exploration of classical political thought. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into a wide array of topics, earning an impressive 52.5 ECTS credits in the process.

Notably, the Congress brought together not only passionate scholars and students but also high-profile speakers. Besides local speakers, our volunteers from other countries joined as well, sharing their insights and experiences in advancing the principles of liberty in their respective regions. 

Among them were Simão Caravaca, our Local Coordinator for Lisbon, and Lautaro Soza, our National Coordinator for Hungary. Their participation contributed a valuable international perspective to the event, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose within the global liberty movement. 

The Classical Political Theory Congress, “Cives Romani Sumus,” undeniably made a lasting impact, deepening the understanding of classical political thought and strengthening the bonds of collaboration among liberty enthusiasts in Madrid and beyond.

The success of the event was evident in its impressive turnout, with over 70 participants attending all three days, contributing to vibrant discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Moreover, the team proactively conveyed their concerns and ideas for a freer future directly to elected representatives. They organized meetings between team members and politicians from both opposition and government parties, including representatives from the European Parliament.

During these meetings with lawmakers, they raised multiple issues that students in Spain struggle with, along with several others that will have a long-term impact on their lives, such as the country’s approach to nuclear energy

Team Spain hopes to continue these efforts to inspire legislators to bring about real change in their country’s policies.

This piece solely expresses the opinion of the author and not necessarily the organization as a whole. Students For Liberty is committed to facilitating a broad dialogue for liberty, representing a variety of opinions.


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