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SFL alumnus Milan Pešović promotes peace through economic relations in the Western Balkans region

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ESFL alum Milan Pešović promotes peace through economic relations in the Western Balkans region

Milan Pešović, a European Students For Liberty (SFL) alumnus, is an avid advocate for peace and free market reform in Serbia. 

Milan, who was an active member of SFL for three years (2017-2020), having served as a Local Coordinator, National Coordinator for Serbia, and eventually, Regional Director for Western Balkans, is a firm believer that the development of economic relations is the key to peacebuilding.

A few months after becoming an SFL alumnus, Milan landed a part-time student job at Torrent Leasing, and two years after, he accepted the position of Managing Director in the company. 

Milan attributes his success to Students For Liberty. “There’s a lot of skills I picked up during my time with SFL that benefited me greatly in my business journey,” he said.

Milan is committed to promoting free-market policies and a more business-friendly approach to all aspects of life. His deep interest in free-market reform led him to join the Movement of Free Citizens in Serbia, a liberal political organization where he has been proposing pro-market policies.

“Although It’s a rough journey because the political situation here is pretty bad, and if you’re not a part of the government, it seems there’s very little you can do,” Milan said, “but I am doing this because I believe it’s the right way and because I think it can benefit more young people.” 

Milan has branded himself a “baby Ron Paul” there, constantly barking at his party’s leadership to avoid proposing policies that would make government bigger. 

Milan has also participated in several International Republican Institute programs (IRI). For instance, he was a member of the first generation of the Advanced Leadership in Politics Institute in Serbia, powered by the IRI. The program brought together rising stars of Serbian politics and empowered them to become political leaders in the future.

In December 2022, Milan participated in a peacebuilding event organized by the IRI, Beogradski Centar za Bezbednosnu Politiku, Kosovar Center for Security Studies – KCSS, and more. 

The event brought together 60 young people (aged 19-32) (20 from Serbia, 20 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 20 from Kosovo) from different fields in business, politics, academia, sports, and art. The participants had a chance to network and discuss the opportunities that would benefit the peacebuilding efforts in the Western Balkans region.

Milan’s primary goal is to promote peace through free trade and spread the knowledge about why less government intervention will lead to a better outcome for reconciliation between different people in the Balkans.

While he advocates for pro-liberty policies in Serbia, Milan is also forming a personal brand to educate and empower individuals on how to grow a successful business. 

He is actively building this initiative into an organization that will educate, coach, consult, and empower people with ambitions to launch new businesses or accelerate their existing activities.

The whole idea of Milan’s approach to peacebuilding is to expose people to economic liberties and let them trade towards a better future.

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