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Rodrigo Figueredo: Spreading Freedom Through Art

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Rodrigo Figueredo, an honorary alumnus of Students For Liberty from Venezuela, has been making a remarkable impact across Europe through his art, spreading the message of freedom, justice, and democracy.

Rodrigo Figueredo, an honorary alumnus of Students For Liberty from Venezuela, has been making a remarkable impact across Europe through his art, spreading the message of freedom, justice, and democracy. 

Having experienced the rise of the Chavista regime in his home country, Rodrigo was forced to flee as a teenager. He was determined to fight for the rights of his fellow Venezuelans; even in exile, he became an activist and artist, using his talent and passion to raise awareness about the political situation in Venezuela.

Rodrigo’s journey to make a difference led him to Ukraine, where he believed the struggle for freedom and democracy mirrored that of his own country. Through an international network of like-minded individuals and a shared sense of solidarity, Rodrigo connected with Ukrainian congressman Marian Zablotskyy to bridge the gap between the two nations and support one another’s causes.

As Rodrigo arrived in Ukraine, he was embraced by a warm and accepting atmosphere. In Lviv, he witnessed firsthand the remarkable resilience and beauty of the city, even in the face of adversity. Despite the lack of electricity and the need for generators due to the aftermath of war, the indomitable spirit of the locals remained unshaken. With grace and unwavering determination, they carried on with their daily lives. Rodrigo was privileged to encounter the unity and empathy that defined the Ukrainian people, particularly in the underground galleries where meaningful exchanges and melodic tunes filled the air, creating cherished moments of connection.

One unforgettable experience for Rodrigo was taking the Venezuelan flag to Maidan Square in Kyiv, where the memories of the revolution of Maidan in 2014 came rushing back. Standing amidst the remnants of destroyed tanks, he felt a deep sense of solidarity and understanding between the struggles faced by Venezuelans and Ukrainians in the fight against authoritarianism. The city’s resilience and the indomitable spirit of its people left an indelible mark on Rodrigo’s heart.

During his time in Ukraine, Rodrigo was given the privilege of contributing to the local art scene. In Irpin, he had the opportunity to create a mural alongside the iconic “ballerina” artwork by Banksy. The experience allowed him to connect with the local community and witness the extraordinary humanity and inspiration that Ukrainian people embody. 

As a Venezuelan, Rodrigo felt a profound connection with their longing for freedom, recognizing that the pursuit of liberty is a cause that transcends borders.

Rodrigo Figueredo’s journey across Europe, from his homeland of Venezuela to Ukraine, has been transformative. Through his art and activism, he has become a beacon of hope, highlighting the importance of freedom, justice, and democracy. 

In solidarity with the people of Georgia during the protests against Russian Law early in March 2023, Rodrigo once again used his art as a symbol to tyrants to show that Georgia, Europe, and liberty have women’s names.

Recognized by the Human Rights Foundation’s Art in Protest program, Rodrigo stands out as one of the most prominent dissident artists globally, using his craft to champion human rights. His artistic endeavors center around the profound social and political upheavals occurring worldwide. With a keen eye, he strives to capture and document the ongoing struggles for freedom, from the courageous fight of Kurdish women to the pressing concerns of immigration and the poignant protests against police brutality in America. Through his art, Rodrigo fearlessly sheds light on these critical issues, serving as a powerful voice for change and justice.

By bridging cultural divides and forging connections with others who share the same values, Rodrigo continues to make a profound impact, reminding the world of the power of art in spreading messages of change and the universal desire for a brighter future.

Written by Anna Suberu


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