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Piotr Markielau: A Driving Force Behind the Belarusian National Liberation Movement’s Impactful Initiative

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The luka.zone website, created by Piotr Markielau and the "Para!" team, has a database of thousands of people linked to political repression in Belarus

In the face of political repression and human rights violations in Belarus, the Belarusian National Liberation Movement “Para!” has taken a bold step towards accountability and justice. At the heart of this movement is Piotr Markielau, a dedicated Local Coordinator for the European Students for Liberty, whose tireless efforts have made a significant impact on the initiative.

The movement’s mission is clear: to hold individuals accountable for their involvement in political repression against the Belarusian people, supported by concrete evidence and facts. Named after the historic Mahiliou Uprising of 1661, “Para!” symbolizes the unwavering determination of the Belarusian people to regain their freedom through active measures.

One of the key accomplishments of the movement has been the launch of the investigative portal luka.zone. This website, created by Piotr Markielau and the “Para!” team, houses a structured database containing information on approximately 7,000 individuals linked to political repression in Belarus. This data is meticulously curated from various civic initiatives, open sources, and OSINT tools, making it a valuable resource for activists, journalists, and human rights organizations.

Piotr Markielau’s dedication to this cause extends beyond data collection. His year-long involvement in the project demonstrates a deep commitment to addressing the suffering of Belarusians in the wake of civil sector devastation in 2020. He recognized the unjust impact of indiscriminate sanctions imposed on Belarusian citizens, particularly those who had fled repression in Belarus only to face citizenship-based sanctions elsewhere in the EU.

Driven by a sense of injustice and a determination to make a difference, Piotr Markielau and the “Para!” movement embarked on creating a database that distinguishes individuals involved in structural support of the regime and repression. By singling out these individuals, they aim to apply maximum sanctions to create a tangible deterrent against participating in Lukashenka’s regime’s crimes.

Piotr’s vision and the “Para!” movement’s work have not gone unnoticed. Their commitment to justice has inspired a public fundraising campaign to support their efforts. Despite facing restrictions and being listed as extremist materials in Belarus, they remain undeterred in their pursuit of accountability.

Piotr Markielau’s journey with the Belarusian National Liberation Movement “Para!” is a testament to the power of individuals dedicated to justice and accountability. As they continue their vital work, they stand as a beacon of hope for Belarusians seeking a brighter future. Piotr shared his motivations and expectations with us in an interview for SpeakFreely, which you can check out here.


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