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Regional Coordinator from SFL Israel Lior Abutbul organizes one of the country’s largest pro-liberty events

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SFL Regional Coordinator for Southeastern Europe, Lior Abutbul, successfully organizes one of Israel's largest pro-liberty events.

Our Regional Coordinator for Southeastern Europe, Lior Abutbul (formerly the National Coordinator for Israel), is certainly not new to organizing large-scale events.

Under her leadership, the Israeli team organized conferences, various campus events, as well as in-depth seminars with international guests like Dr. Stephen Davies or Dr. Tom Palmer, in cooperation with other think tanks in the country.

Through her day job in the media department of the influential Kohelet Policy Forum, Lior recently got a chance to test the skills gained through her SFL activities by organizing and executing the think tank’s 10th anniversary conference.

The event took place on Tuesday, November 29, in a winery not far from Jerusalem. The event featured a variety of talks and discussions, along with plenty of space for networking, and attracted almost 400 guests. The conference also included the streaming of a short movie about the Kohelet Policy Forum, on which Lior also worked as co-writer and producer.

Lior Abutbul organized a conference with almost 400 guests

The event concluded by introducing a new liberal network – one that unites opportunities, scholarships, and parliamentary work under one umbrella to promote greater liberty in Israel.

“My colleagues that knew of previous conferences that I led asked me to be the leader on this one as well,” says Lior about her role in the event. “The event itself was prestigious, it went smoothly with no errors and I am very proud of myself for doing it, and very grateful towards SFL that gave me the tools, practical knowledge and experience to be able to put together such events.”

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