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LibertyCon International Comes to Miami this Fall

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Students For Liberty, the world’s largest international pro-liberty student organization, announces the return of their flagship event, LibertyCon International

Students For Liberty’s Flagship Event Returns in October

McLean, Virginia / June 7, 2022 Students For Liberty (SFL), the world’s largest international pro-liberty student organization, is announcing the return of their flagship event, LibertyCon, taking place in Miami, FL on October 14-15, 2022. 

LibertyCon is the largest international pro-liberty gathering in the world focused on educating, empowering, and energizing international leaders around a shared vision of a “freer future.” 

With the first conference taking place in 2007, LibertyCon has steadily provided a space for liberty lovers to come together in the interest of liberty. In 2022, LibertyCon International is coming back for the first time since COVID.

LibertyCon’s main stage will feature discussion, forums, and panels in which students can participate with guests, such as the 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential ticket Dr. Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen, notable commentators and streamers Bastiat and Destiny, Whole Foods co-founder and CEO John Mackey, as well as a diverse starting lineup of additional speakers and presenters including:

  • Investigative journalist Radley Balko
  • Drug policy reform activist Christina Dent
  • Economist Prof. Antony Davies
  • Political commentator and podcast host Hannah Cox
  • Entrepreneur and political activist Martha Bueno

LibertyCon International will see speakers addressing crucial issues, such as freedom of movement, freedom of speech, free-market principles, the harms of prohibition, criminal justice reform, the role of America in the modern world, and the political priorities of the next generation. Students and attendees can take part in these discussions with us live in Miami over the weekend of October 14-15, 2022.

Students For Liberty CEO Dr. Wolf von Laer expressed his personal enthusiasm for the big return of LibertyCon this year:

“I am very excited for the long-awaited launch of LibertyCon in 2022. After a two-year-long hiatus, we are again moving at full speed to provide the resources, network, training, and infrastructure to help young people become more active and more successful in advancing the cause of liberty around the world. This year looks to be exceptionally fun and informative. I am excited to see everyone in Miami.”

However, this is only the beginning. With dozens of additional speakers planning to attend and a special guest that will be announced this fall, we’ll have compelling content for people from across the political spectrum.

Registration for LibertyCon International is open now at LibertyCon.com, where up-to-date information on newly confirmed speakers can also be found as we make the announcements.

About Students For Liberty

Founded in 2008, Students For Liberty has rapidly grown to be the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world, with students active in 117 countries. With a multi-million dollar budget and 70 full-time staff members, we educate, develop, and empower pro-liberty students in their pursuit of becoming leaders of liberty. We accomplish this by identifying the top students and training and supporting them to be agents of change in their communities.


Joshua Eakle

Global Marketing Director

Students For Liberty

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Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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