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Liberty Factory: Promoting Liberty Through the Written Word

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Liberty Factory, a project of SFL Portugal, has become one of the most successful initiatives for promoting liberty through the written word.

Liberty Factory, a project under the umbrella of Students For Liberty Portugal, has become one of the most successful initiatives for promoting liberty through the written word.

Liberty Factory was conceived by Duarte Alves, former National Coordinator of SFL Portugal, with the aim of empowering aspiring writers to advocate for liberty through the written word. When Ricardo Filipe, Portugal’s current National Coordinator and an aspiring writer himself, assumed leadership of Liberty Factory in January 2022, it operated as a solo venture with sporadic contributions from other coordinators. 

However, through relentless commitment and diligence, Ricardo evolved it into a more substantial initiative. This expansion encompassed the creation of the SFL Portugal newsletter, a monthly publication updating readers on SFL’s activities, and transformed it into a collaborative team effort.

Today, Liberty Factory operates with a well-structured team, led by Ricardo as the Director. He shoulders the primary responsibilities of mentoring writers, facilitating their connections with media outlets, and exploring engaging topics for their articles. 

José Couto serves as the vice director, helping ensure the project’s continuity, while Gonçalo Torres oversees the newsletter. The writing team comprises dedicated individuals including Beatriz Gouveia, Ema Coutinho, José Couto, and Ricardo himself, all of whom have established their presence in the realm of pro-liberty writing. 

Beatriz additionally plays a pivotal role in managing the translation of Young Voices and Speak Freely articles. Together, this group forms a harmonious collective with diverse skills and talents, all geared towards advancing the cause of liberty through the power of the written word.

Some highlights of Liberty Factory for Ricardo and Bea include the successful publication of their articles in prestigious Portuguese newspapers such as Observador, Novo, and Público. This accomplishment underscores the project’s influence, as it has reached the audiences of two of the most widely-read papers in Portugal, playing a crucial role in propagating pro-liberty ideas.

The overarching goal for Liberty Factory is to disseminate the message of liberty, both domestically and globally, by nurturing a generation of proficient pro-liberty writers. This initiative seeks to empower these writers to advocate for liberty effectively, regardless of their chosen career paths. It also enhances SFL’s visibility in Portugal and offers an international perspective on the nation’s liberty movement.  

While it is undoubtedly a very successful project, Liberty Factory isn’t the only writing project that SFL Portugal is currently engaged in. The Liberty Press project aims to bridge the gap between liberty-related literature in other languages and the Portuguese-speaking world. Its primary goal is to translate and promote lesser-known Portuguese pro-liberty thinkers on an international scale and to translate international pro-liberty literature into Portuguese.

When asked about the project’s future, Ricardo and Bea remain open to possibilities. Ricardo emphasizes that their goal is to continue supporting their writers, paving the way for their success in various fields. Bea, speaking from her perspective, aspires to become a professional writer and a successful journalist, leveraging the skills and experience gained through Liberty Factory.

SFL Portugal’s Liberty Factory and Liberty Press are shining examples of how dedicated individuals can spread the message of liberty through the power of the written word. Their remarkable journey is a testament to their commitment and passion. As they continue to expand and enhance their projects, the world can expect to see more pro-liberty voices emerging from Portugal.

In conclusion, the team’s message to aspiring writers is simple yet powerful: “Remember, the first step to becoming a great writer is to pick up a pen and follow your heart.” These words encapsulate the essence of Liberty Factory and serve as an inspiration to all those who wish to use the written word to champion the cause of liberty.

Students For Liberty is proud of how far Team Portugal has come, and we eagerly anticipate their future contributions to the world of pro-liberty advocacy.

This piece solely expresses the opinion of the author and not necessarily the organization as a whole. Students For Liberty is committed to facilitating a broad dialogue for liberty, representing a variety of opinions.


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