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SFL Regional Coordinator Jack Nicastro joins the Hazlitt Project at FEE.org

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Students For Liberty Regional Coordinator, Jack Nicastro, has joined the Foundation for Economic Education's (FEE) third cohort of Henry Hazlitt fellows

Students For Liberty Regional Coordinator, Jack Nicastro, has joined the Foundation for Economic Education’s (FEE) third cohort of Henry Hazlitt fellows. 

Jack will train under Dan Sanchez, Hannah Cox, Brad Polumbo, and other FEE staff members together with 7 other fellows.

The Hazlitt Project is a rigorous 6-month fellowship for “creative thinkers, writers, and talkers” who seek to follow in the footsteps of Bastiat, Leonard E. Read, and Henry Hazlitt.

During the 6-month fellowship, fellows receive training in economics, journalism, and writing. They will also gain experience by working with FEE’s journalist-influencers Brad and Hannah.

At Dartmouth College, where he is a senior correspondent for the Dartmouth Review, president of the Dartmouth Libertarians, and co-chair of the Political Economy Project Student Leadership Council, Jack Nicastro is pursuing a double major in economics and mathematics with a philosophy minor. 

Jack is one of the four regional coordinators for Students For Liberty North America who has recruited several local coordinators.  

He frequently contributes to Students For Liberty’s global blog and has authored pieces with strong opinions on free speech, property rights, and war and conscription.

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