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European Top Leadership Retreat Breakout Sessions

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This year we have two days of breakout sessions allowing you to work in smaller groups and specialise in the areas that interest you most! We have introduced a series of 20 modules covering: Events, Campaigns, Marketing & Storytelling, Leadership & Management and Senior Leadership.

Saturday Breakout Sessions

Saturday Block #1 12:00-12:45

  • Tips for Successful Event Management: Lessons from SFL Brazil – Andre Freo (Events)
  • Intro to SFL Campaigns and Why They Matter – Aleksandar Kokotović (Leadership) 
  • Storytelling Workshop: Part 1 – Bernardo Vidigal (Marketing & Storytelling) 
  • Strategic Planning and Motivation – Liza Katsiashvili (Leadership & Management) 

Saturday Block #2 14:00 – 14:45

  • How In-person Events Will Look Like After the Pandemic – Irune Ariño (Events) 
  • Sustainable activism – Eric Lumpkins (Campaigns) 
  • Breakthrough Leadership – Nathan Fatal (Leadership & Management)
  • Careers in Liberty – Zurab Japaridze (Senior Leadership)

Saturday Block #3 17:00 – 18:00

  • GYST (Senior Leaders Only) – Nate Baker 
  • Storytelling Workshop: Part 2 – Bernardo Vidigal (Marketing & Storytelling) 

Sunday Breakout Sessions

Sunday Block #1 12:00-12:45

  • Drafting an Event Proposal After COVID-19 – Irune Arino (Events) 
  • Campaign Marketing / How to make your campaign attractive – Mariam Gogolishvili (Campaigns)
  • Rules of Engagement: Building A Social Media Love Story – Darjan Minov (Marketing & Storytelling) 
  • Recruitment – Lia Janelidze (Leadership & Management)
  • Careers in Liberty – Kerry Hardy (Senior Leadership) 

Sunday Block #2 14:00-14:45

  • From Boring to Interactive Events: A New World to Discover – Carmen Rodríguez (Events) 
  • Protests and street campaigning – Piotr Markielau (Campaigns) 
  • How to Be Heard in 2020: Running Digital Marketing Campaigns When Everyone is Online – Julia Kril (Marketing & Storytelling) 
  • Hero’s Journey – Kevin Flanagan (Leadership & Management) (Room: link)
  • Careers in Liberty – Adam Bartha (Senior Leadership) 


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