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ESFL’s Stefan Acimovic and Tamar Tarsaidze are joining New Direction at their Think Tank Central: Defending Freedom Conference

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European Students For Liberty is proud to announce that our Programs Director, Stefan Acimovic, and our Events Associate, Tamar Tarsaidze, will join New Direction this September 21-24 in Tallinn, Estonia. Stefan and Tamar will participate in Think Tank Central: Defending Freedom Conference.

The war in Ukraine has once again highlighted the need to defend freedom in Europe and around the world. The need to create a strong pro-freedom movement to defend our values has never been more obvious as we face growing threats to the rules-based world order. As we enter what some call the New Cold War, we must do everything we can to unite around the defense of Freedom.

Founded by Margaret Thatcher in 2009 as the intellectual hub of European conservatism, New Direction has established academic networks across Europe and research partnerships throughout the world.

Stefan Acimovic will join Juan Soto, International Director at Disenso, and Marko Milanovic Litre, Vice President of New Direction, on September 23, 2022, for a panel discussion titled “Think Tanks in the Fight for Freedom”. Think tanks have an important role to play in the fight to defend freedom. But what can they do to support each other, and how can they better work together?

Tamar Tarsaidze will also speak on September 23, 2022, on a “Freedom for Future Generations” panel. Why should the next generation believe in freedom? How can a free society benefit them? And what is the best way to reach out to future generations? Tamar’s fellow speakers will be Arvid Hallén, Program Director at OIKOS, Maria Cholewińska, Promyk Institute, and Magnus Gunnarsson, Centre for Social and Economic Research.

Join New Direction in Tallinn, Estonia, on September 21-24 as they bring together the largest collection of think tanks, foundations, and liberty-loving academics for a conference on building a stronger freedom movement.

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