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LibertyCon International 2024 Announces Aaron Ross Powell and Ford Fischer to Speaker Lineup

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Students For Liberty is announcing two new speakers for LibertyCon International 2024: Aaron Ross Powell and Ford Fischer

Washington, D.C., November 21, 2023 Students For Liberty, the largest global pro-liberty student organization, is announcing two new speakers for their flagship event, LibertyCon International 2024. The event will take place at the prestigious Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C., from February 2-4, 2024.

Returning to LibertyCon is Aaron Ross Powell, host of ReImagining Liberty, a podcast about the emancipatory and cosmopolitan case for radical social, political, and economic freedom. He also hosts Reactionary Minds, a project of The UnPopulist. Aaron spent 13 years at the Cato Institute, where he founded Libertarianism.org and co-hosted the Free Thoughts podcast.

Powell has presented at LibertyCon for years. When asked about his most recent experience, he described his experience as “delightful,” stating that “it was the first time in a while that I had been around a large number of young libertarians, and it was inspiring. It was really great seeing enthusiastic young people embracing the core ideas of liberty. It was humbling to see young libertarian activists from around the world from places where it is a little less comfortable to fight for liberty than it is here in the U.S., a little bit more challenging. It requires a lot more courage to do it, and to hear their stories and meet them was humbling and inspiring. It was a wonderful experience, and I am excited to be coming back.”

Also returning to LibertyCon this year is Ford Fischer, a video journalist, primary source documentarian, and the Editor-in-Chief of News2Share. His coverage of American activism and extremism has been featured in Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe winning films. “Objective, quality reporting exists, but the audience’s focus needs to be to look for primary sources and ignore the noise produced by mainstream cable news and digital pundits,” said Fischer, who will be speaking on topics that include political violence in the country, as well as the current state of journalism.

Fischer continued, “A big misconception about journalism particularly in the United States right now is that partisanship has to be the new normal. Those who seek actual, informative reporting without the appearance of cheerleading from the network toward their preferred politicians or positions may feel helpless.” 

Expressing his enthusiasm for being part of LibertyCon again this year, Fischer added, “I have always loved the open-mindedness and diversity of political thought at LibertyCon. In my own journalism, I have a really wide variety of political perspectives among the people who view my work, and LibertyCon’s own audience and speaker lineup really provides a range of thought that can challenge and inform attendees rather than simply validating whatever they came in already believing.”

The LibertyCon 2024 lineup also includes these previously announced speakers:

  • Whole Foods co-founder and former CEO John Mackey
  • Professor at University of Illinois in Chicago and author Deirdre McCloskey
  • Former US Congressman Justin Amash
  • Former US Congressman and radio host Joe Walsh
  • 2020 Libertarian candidate for Vice President and Founder of You Are The Power Spike Cohen
  • Political commentator and author Stephen Kent
  • Tuttle Twins author and President of Libertas Institute Connor Boyack
  • Bitcoin enthusiast and podcaster Stephan Livera
  • Host of the “What is Money?” show Robert Breedlove
  • Economics Professor Antony Davies
  • Grassroots pro-housing advocate Luca Gattoni-Celli
  • Political commentator and author David Boaz
  • Journalist and entrepreneur David Preston
  • Research fellow at the Heritage Foundation and Mises Institute Peter St. Onge
  • Founder of Libertarianism.org and author Aaron Ross Powell
  • Sports broadcaster and activist Emily Austin
  • Streamer and podcast host Dylan Burns
  • Businessman and investor Rick Rule
  • Professor of economics at George Mason University Bryan Caplan 
  • Student and free speech advocate Jaiden Rodriguez

LibertyCon International 2024 will take place at the prestigious Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C., from February 2-4, 2024. Registration is open now at LibertyCon.com.

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Brian S. Lambrecht
Students For Liberty
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