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#JustFree: 5 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Local Coordinator Program

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Students For Liberty, the largest pro-liberty student organization worldwide, invites you to join our Local Coordinator Program. This represents an opportunity to become part of a movement, develop new skills, and meet new people with a shared passion for liberty.

Having grown significantly since its inception in 2008, Students For Liberty has played an important role in the personal development of a large number of alumni. Many of our past leaders have continued to promote the ideas of liberty through careers in many different sectors. Many of these alumni have founded think tanks or started businesses. Others work in media or academia. Some have even been elected to public office.

Students For Liberty Local Coordinators (LCs), both undergraduate and graduate students, are prominent advocates for the ideas of liberty on their college campuses. As such, Students For Liberty is seeking strong student leaders to help promote the values of a free society in their communities. Here are 5 reasons why you should apply to become a Local Coordinator:

1. Grow your network

By becoming part of our movement, you have a chance to meet many new people who share an interest in promoting liberty. Students For Liberty is the largest global community of pro-liberty students and alumni.

2. Develop your skills

Being a Local Coordinator offers many learning opportunities. You will receive the organization’s support in developing a variety of skills that are useful not only in promoting ideas but also for future careers.

3. Share your values

Joining Students For Liberty will provide you with a platform to discuss the ideas and issues that matter to you. Being connected to our global network of leaders offers a framework for discussing and developing ideas alongside others with shared interests.

4. Get inspired

Our leaders have the opportunity to further their knowledge of pro-liberty ideas through attending educational talks, online courses, and open conversations with fellow leaders and staff about a range of topical issues.

5. Make friends for life

Becoming part of Students For Liberty involves making lasting connections with fellow leaders. With a presence in over 100 countries across every inhabited continent, you will be sure to never be too far away from another member of the SFL family. Many of our leaders become lifelong friends. Furthermore, those who have served together as leaders in our movement often later collaborate on other projects.

In the following video, current leaders highlight what the Local Coordinator Program means to them, and what opportunities it has offered:

If you are interested in getting involved in promoting the ideas of liberty while also developing your skills and meeting many like-minded students from across the world, click on the button below to apply for the Local Coordinator Program.


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Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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