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Welcome to ESFL’S newest members

Last month, we welcomed just one new ESFLer to the movement! 

🚀 Jesús Esteban Almagro, from Madrid, Spain.

Welcome to the world’s largest student movement for liberty, Jesús! 

Events in August

In addition to our virtual Top Leadership Retreat, GSFL also held their annual “Why Liberty?” Summer School. The UK team hosted a webinar titled: The International Misuse of Language in Politics. We were also treated to a leaders’ debate on the institution of marriage at the end of July, which I didn’t get a chance to mention last time.

It’s been a quiet month, but then August usually is, as we prepare both physically and mentally for the launch of the new academic year. A new year means a new set of awards to be claimed! Who will be this year’s champions?

ESFL’s 2020 Award Winners 🏆


Virtual Top Leadership Retreat

Our virtual Top Leadership Retreat finally happened! 

And it wasn’t terrible.

We knew we were facing an entirely new set of challenges since LibertyCon and the Corona-meltdown, but we were determined to host this retreat no matter what, even if it meant going virtual.

Despite the fact that we could not meet in person, following our annual tradition, we still hosted an extensive training with 18 breakout sessions, an advanced leadership track, with three excellent keynote speakers. We finalized strategic plans and got clearer on our roles. We even had a couple of socials and a trivia night that saw Simon Sarevski take the top prize. 

Let’s all hope that by this time next year, Corona will be a distant memory and we will all be gathered together again in Gummersbach. 

For those of you who might have missed it, check out our cool digital swag!

Our Keynote Talks

In case you missed it, here are the keynote talks from our Top Leadership Retreat.

Evaluate Our Performance

The ESFL staff team is committed to making your time and experience here with ESFL the most rewarding and memorable experience it can be. We do our best to accommodate your requests and build programs, events, and training that will add significant value to your personal and professional lives. 

But we need you to let us know if we’re doing a good job, what we’re doing right and where we can focus on being better.

This anonymous survey is designed to give you an opportunity to share your thoughts and give us critical feedback. We value this feedback greatly because it is one of the best ways of identifying how we can improve. 
Can you spare 5-10 minutes to share your feedback?


Job Opportunities

Students For Liberty is hiring! 

Would you like to work for the largest student driven pro-liberty organisation in the world? 
Do you have experience or interests in fundraising, relationship management, research and development?

We’re currently hiring for two positions. Take a look at the details below and be sure to apply if you’re interested. 

➣ Donor Relations Manager

Learn more by clicking here.

➣ Foundations Relations Manager

Learn more by clicking here.

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