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September was a busy month at Students For Liberty. Read the highlights of what our North American team have been up to!

Deep Web Screenings take place across North America

maxresdefaultOn September 27th, Students For Liberty teamed up with Young Americans for Liberty and Students for Sensible Drug Policy to bring North American students the Campus Debut of Deep Web. The movie tells the story of Ross Ulbricht’s efforts to create the “Silk Road” online market, which ended with his 2013 arrest.

Due to the manner in which the government collected its evidence to incriminate Ross, controversy still surrounds the ruling, and members of the #FreeRoss movement are demanding his release. Ross’s story touches on a number of important issues for modern libertarians, including the drug war, Internet privacy, non-state institutions, and exciting new technologies like crypto-currency.

For a personal touch, we also hosted a live, post-screening interview with Ross’s mother Lyn Ulbricht and the Director of Deep Web, Alex Winter!

The screenings were even more successful than we originally predicted, with over 150 taking place across North America! Read more about some of the screenings by clicking here.

Regional Conference season launches!

FUTUREofFREEDOM_RC2016_twitterPostSeptember saw the launch of our 2016 Regional Conference season, which aims to explore the future of freedom in a variety of areas. With individual themes ranging from anarchism to free market environmentalism, these conferences are giving North American students a taste of libertarian ideas and the liberty movement in general. With our first conferences already experiencing success in terms of attendance numbers and high-profile speakers, we’re looking forward to reporting on the rest of the conference season!

Hunger VenezuelaMyth-busting the “success” of socialism in Venezuela with #PorUnaVenezuelaLibre

Following the Venezuelan government’s kidnapping of long-time SFL friend Yon Goicoechea, our friends in EsLibertad helped reignite our #PorUnaVenezuelaLibre (For A Free Venezuela) campaign.

Students For Liberty has been promoting a petition to #FreeYon in North America and beyond, whilst helping to inform the general public about the horrific failures of socialism in Venezuela through our social media campaign.

https-%2F%2Fcdn.evbuc.com%2Fimages%2F21625246%2F86536852135%2F1%2ForiginalAttention, all liberty-loving students! Sad that Regional Conference season is coming to a close? Excited for ISFLC, but looking for another conference to try out? Check out Voice & Exit (November 11-13) this year.

Voice & Exit is a 3-day conference focused on maximizing human flourishing. Based in Austin, Texas, it’s not a typical conference. By focusing on visionary speakers, interactive workshops, live performances, tech demos, and a whole mix of things to do, Voice & Exit is created with the idea of bringing lasting change into your life.

If this isn’t enough, they’re now offering student discounts to SFL-affiliated students. If you’re worried about cost but have always wanted to attend, now is your opportunity.

Buy your tickets here!


Hate symbol or harmless frog?

Pepe the Frog has been officially designated a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League, to howls of derision by various corners of the online world. The ADL’s justification for viewing Pepe as a hate symbol rests upon the meme’s (fairly recent) association with the Alt-Right.

Although the Alt-Right’s influence on American politics is often vastly overstated, and “normie” Twitter often misidentifies apolitical trolls from the dark recesses of the internet as sincere, committed racists, there’s more to this movement than bored shock-jocks. Using the surreal aesthetic of memes and chan culture, genuine fascists, white nationalists, and adherents to related ideologies are rehabilitating and re-branding ideas that belong in the dustbin of history. (more…)

This post was written by SFL Campus Coordinator Taylor Anderson.

This election season has brought an unending amount of surprise, 1shock, confusion, anger…and apparently no inspiration. As the Eastern Washington University Chapter was setting up for a wonderful day of recruiting at our organization drive (with 250 different clubs and sponsors), I noticed something was missing. Where were the College Democrats and Republicans? They were within eyes reach last year since they try to keep similar interests together. I went to the information booth to investigate, only to find out that neither of them re-registered their clubs this year. Needless to say I was shocked, though I suppose that gave us the monopoly on politics this election season.

Students who walked by our booth gave us a wide range of questions, anything from “What is that sign and how do I found out what I am?” to “Are you giving all of these books away for free?!” I am so grateful for the amazing resources the liberty community has given us, such as through Students For Liberty’s “Get Out The Liberty” campaign. We got compliments from staff on how great our table looked.


Duquesne students watching the “Deep Web” documentary.

On September 27th, Duquesne University’s Liberty Alliance (which is affiliated with Students For Liberty) joined dozens of student organizations from schools all across the country in screening Alex Winter’s new film, “Deep Web”. Enticed by promises of interesting discussion topics and free pizza, five current alliance members and three newcomers attended the 8 PM screening in Fisher Hall. After the film, a short Q&A session with Lyn Ulbricht and Alex Winter gave the viewers a remarkable opportunity to engage with the ideas and story of the film on a much more personal level.

The film impressed the entire audience, and each member learned a substantial amount of information surrounding the technology, philosophy, and legal history of the deep web. Roos Ulbricht’s tragic story reminded each member of the importance of our fight for individual liberty, and his passionate stances for freedom of choice inspired the group profoundly.

The event was very successful, as each member enjoyed the film and opportunity to engage with new ideas. Surprisingly, the newcomers originally attended the event after noticing Alex Winter would be giving a live Q&A. They noticed the event’s advertisement in the university’s weekly event emails, and were all big fans of Alex. After our discussion, the newcomers walked away with some serious enthusiasm for the philosophy of liberty!