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mc2802_is_lg_unconvention_3-2016_FINAL-08What is The UnConvention? In many ways, it’s whatever you make it.

Hosted by 92Y, Public Radio International, and Mic, The UnConvention invites young people to join a global conversation about what is at stake in the U.S. election for the country’s largest living generation: millennials.

It’s a multi-faceted project taking place across broadcast and social media, via live events and community meet-ups, and driven by the voices and concerns most relevant for young people around the world today.

As part of the project, the organizers will be running a private Facebook group of influencers that will help to shape the content of the larger initiative.

This select group of 400 people from the U.S. and abroad, ages 18-34, will put the ideas, issues, and opinions of young adults front and center in the U.S. election. You’ll be part of a global conversation and help lead The UnConvention including 10 weeks of social posting, radio and web coverage, and live events organized by Public Radio International, Mic and 92Y in New York.

You’ll be the first to share quizzes and polls testing what people know and think about issues. You may even be featured in news coverage on the radio, on social media, or on stage. 

Click here for more information and to apply today!


Or, attend one of the UnConvention events in NYC, throughout the week of October 17th-21st:

  • Monday, October 17, 2016
  • Tuesday, October 18, 2016
  • Wednesday, October 19, 2016
  • Thursday, October 20, 2016
  • Friday, October 21, 2016
  • And look out for more events around the country soon!

You can also get involved by hosting your own event, creating an “UnPlatform” video about the issues that affect you this election season, or sharing your thoughts with the hashtag #UnConvention on social media.

FreeToChoose LogoHuge congratulations to SFL Canada, who have recently generated a massive buzz around their #FreeToChoose activism! Taking its title from Milton and Rose Friedman’s famous defence of free market principles, the campaign focuses on combating the rise of paternalistic lifestyle regulation in Canada. Recent instances of government overreach in Canada include proposals to require plain packaging for cigarettes and soda, as well as citywide bans on ridesharing services such as Uber.

The highlight of the #FreeToChoose campaign so far has undoubtedly been the Nanny State Corner Store stunt, which took place on August 11th. SFL Canada took over a Toronto corner store and stocked it with plain-packaged pop, chips, and chocolate.

Free To Choose PopTens of thousands have watched the
promotional videos for the corner shop stunt on SFL Canada’s Facebook. #FreeToChoose memes in English and French have reached over a million Canadians. David Clement, SFL’s Director of North American Programs, was interviewed on the campaign by several Canadian radio stations. National and international news outlets are covering our activism, and additional exposure in local newspapers is helping us spread the ideas of liberty to Canadians across the country.

Our opposition to the Nanny State doesn’t stop with Canada. Students For Liberty activists in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, and many other countries are fighting to curb excessive state interference in the lifestyles of individuals across the globe.

If you’re interested in learning more about SFL Canada’s ongoing campaign against the Nanny State, check out their website and quiz by clicking below!

Say no to the Nanny State!

In an attempt to better share our current activities with the network, the SFL Around the World blog post series will summarize our biggest news in each region monthly.

Here’s what SFL-ers around the world accomplished in July:

ANZSFL: Australia and New Zealand Students For Liberty have had our busiest July to date, running two regional conferences in Victoria and Western Australia, having two new clubs join the network, as well as the usual local clubs activities. The executive board has also been hard at work preparing for exciting soon-to-be-launched projects. It all capped off with a fabulous and memorable social function at The Clyde Hotel. You can check out the photo album here.

Africa: In Africa, Students For Liberty has been getting ready for the new school year. In July, ASFL inducted 19 new students into the Local Coordinator program for the coming year.

EsLibertad: Our first Annual Report is out! In it you will find the most prominent events in the 2015-2016 period, our outstanding leaders, and our most successful initiatives. Get to know more about Estudiantes por la Libertad by reading our Annual Report! Also this month, EsLibertad Guatemala did a great job presenting the book “El Engaño Populista” (The Populist Deceit), written by Gloria Álvarez, from the Movimiento Cívico Nacional (MCN) and Axel Kaiser, from Fundación para el Progreso (FPP). And we celebrated Milton Friedman Legacy Day in Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, and Mexico.


EPL:  The 2016-2017 class of EPL Local Coordinators (LCs) began in July with more than 1300 participants! LCs started their training with a course on the “Fundamentals of Organization and Community Management,” which teaches SFL’s Theory of Social Change as well as how to build strong communities for liberty. A libertarian study group associated with EPL also launched the “Ideas have consequences” project in July. Divided into two programs — one for higher education and one for high school students — the project featured lectures on the ideas of liberty and anti-liberal bias in the Brazilian academy.


Europe: July was another exciting month for ESFL! After weeks of preparations, all registration pages for the new season of regional conferences were launched. Moreover, ESFL announced the date for it’s biggest event of the year: the ESFLC 2017, which will take place March 17-19th 2017. Students also hosted a successful Leadership Forum in Lviv, Ukraine in July leading to new contacts in Belarus. SFL Heidelberg hosted George Mason University economist Bryan Caplan for a lecture on poverty and ESFLers participated in the Lithuania Summer Festival along with a number of pro-liberty partner organizations.

North America:isflc17-site-rotator The biggest news from North America is, of course, the launch of the Tenth Annual ISFLC! This will be the 10th year that we gather students and alumni together to learn about new developments in the cause of liberty, meet old and new friends, and garner the energy to carry on the fight for liberty. And it is going to be big. You can register for #ISFLC17 here! We also hosted a retreat for the new Campus Coordinators at Towson University, had a little fun with the Gadsden flag, and recorded an hilarious parody of Don McLean’s “American Pie” entitled “The Day the GOP Died.

South Asia: In July, South Asia Students For Liberty geared up for another year of activism for the liberty movement. 25 students qualified for the Local Coordinator Program after finishing a month-long academic training. The Local Coordinator Retreat was held in Delhi from July 29-31st and fresh SFLers turned up with lots of enthusiasm. Over the weekend, they learned about SFL’s Theory of Social Change and best practices for recruitment, planned activism for the year and practiced socratic seminars. In other news, South Asia SFL is launching SFL Colloquia this Fall, on topics like “Are Vices Crimes?” and the “Uberization of the World.”



SFL’s North American student leaders have today launched the 2016 series of Regional Conferences (RCs) aimed at exploring the Future of Freedom. With 15 conferences across the US and Canada, there are many opportunities to get involved!

Campus Coordinators planning this year's regional conferences.

Campus Coordinators planning this year’s Regional Conferences.

This RC season will be the first in which each event focuses on a separate area of classical liberal thought. Our first event this year will take place in Mississippi on October 1st, and will tackle the issues of corporatism, Bitcoin, and the path to prosperity from a libertarian standpoint.

Whilst attendees at the Atlanta conference on October 15th will examine how the ideas of liberty can create an environment in which business and entrepreneurship thrive, students traveling to Denver’s “Against the Empire” conference on October 22nd can expect to explore the links between themes in science-fiction and the philosophy of limited government.

Speakers already confirmed include the author of Freedom Without Permission T.K. Coleman, Austrian School economist Steven Horwitz, and self-confessed “heartbreaking waste of human capital” Professor Daniel Lin. Look out for more speaker announcements in the coming weeks! 

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SFL IT Intern Jeremiah Baky described his previous experiences at the 2015 Birmingham RC as follows:

The Birmingham Regional Conference was a wonderful display… With professors speaking on public choice theory and how it pertains to South Park… a panel of veterans speaking on the horrors of war, a riveting talk on race relations and systemic racism, and Jeffrey Tucker speaking on “Beautiful Anarchy.” The conference had something for everyone and surely opened many minds.”

Other highlights of this conference season include the Pittsburgh RC’s theme of “Guns and Peace,” during which attendees will explore how gun control hurts minorities and why a foreign policy based on restraint represents the best option in a world of limited knowledge, unintended consequences, and the military-industrial complex. Meanwhile, 2016 marks the 30th Anniversary of Students for Individual Liberty’s formation at the University of Virginia. SIL is the oldest liberty student group in the US, and the Virginia Regional Conference aims to chart the growth of the pro-liberty student movement in recent US history. After all, one of the best ways to think about the future of freedom is by taking stock of what the liberty movement has accomplished so far!

RCs are also an inspiring place for students to become more heavily involved with SFL and the liberty movement at large, as current Campus Coordinator Reese Brooks can testify to:

“The Regional Conference, held at The Ohio State University, was an amazing event! I had the opportunity to listen and meet a wide variety of professionals in the liberty movement, that ranged from free speech lawyers to entrepreneurs. I was also able to meet and network with fellow students which jump started my personal involvement with Students For Liberty as a campus coordinator!”

Click below for more information and to register now for these Regional Conferences:

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July was a great month for SFL! Here are some highlights from the past month:

The Campus Coordinator Retreat

Our new Campus Coordinators came together at Towson University in Maryland to meet, plan, and be merry! This year, we’re starting our leaders on training tracks which will prepare them for different areas in the professional world such as Marketing & Communications, Development, and Event Planning. This year’s CC class is a great group of leaders with tons of enthusiasm. It’s a privilege to work with them and we are eagerly looking forward to the start of the school year and the exciting things they’ve got planned!

SFL Canada’s No Nanny Campaign

There’s been a great push from SFL Canada in their latest campaign against the nanny state and plain packaging. We don’t need the government telling us what is best and diminishing our personal responsibility — that’s the message SFL Canada wants to get across. They have a dedicated campaign website and there have been some great memes coming out of SFL Canada. The best part? It’s all leading up to the opening of a “Nanny State Corner Store” in Toronto later this week. Stay tuned for a follow-up report!