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SFL’s #NotJustAGun campaign provides $100 grants for gun rights activism. Here’s Campus Coordinator Sam Dunkovich on how his YAL chapter raised the issue at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  

For Young Americans for Liberty at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, one issue that we have been hesitant to tackle is gun rights. This all changed due to the heated topic of concealed carry on campus. In our state of Wisconsin, there is a bill that may allow concealed carry on all public universities. With this, as well as SFL’s Not Just a Gun activism campaign, we decided it was time for us to spread the message about the importance of gun rights.

gun rights tableOur approach to spreading the ideas of gun rights was quite simple. We reserved a booth on campus and handed out fact sheets about the importance of gun rights, particularly for groups that often are victimized and oppressed like minorities, women, and LGBTQ individuals. We also decided to make a large poster in the shape of a gun that said “Protect yourself, it’s your right.” This event definitely caught people’s attention and helped get people talking on campus.

Though many people showed support regarding both the right to concealed carry and gun rights in general, there were many who were not pleased by our presence. Many passersby gave nasty looks, primarily professors and workers at the university rather than fellow students. We even got the rare rude comment.

The most surprising backlash we received though was from an anonymous professor on campus. While our table was vacant, with only our fact sheets and posters out, a professor covered our table with literature they’d written. The papers were their personal blog, which discussed how they were afraid of guns and that if guns were allowed on campus they would quit their job. Despite some of the immature behavior we experienced, overall the mass majority of students stood on the side of liberty and supported the right to bear arms.

This event for our chapter may have been our most controversial, though we are glad we did it. It brought up an important issue and got people talking about something that may have not been talked about previously. It also confirmed that we as libertarians are not alone on these issues. When it comes to gun rights in Wisconsin, it seems like support will continue with our generation.

imagesLater this month, Liberty.me is hosting an online seminar called CYCLE 2015, which features sessions with such enticing titles as “Free Your Mind First” and, the one we’re most excited for: “The Real Game of Thrones.”

Against the backdrop of the Soviet Union, the seminar originated as the “Liberty English Camp” in the woods of Lithuania. Under the auspices of teaching English, it served as a means of teaching people about liberty. These yearly seminars were later renamed the Casey Youth Conference on Liberty and Entrepreneurship: CYCLE. Now, they’re held online and are free for anyone to attend.

cycle-banner-2015This year’s theme is LIFE Unlimited with LIFE standing for Leadership, Independence, Freedom, and Entrepreneurship. The seminar aims to help participants understand those four values and how to encourage them in their own lives.

Over six days, Liberty.me will host a variety of speakers, including – of course –  Liberty.me CEO Jeffrey Tucker, along with scholars like  Doug Casey and David Friedman, and even SFL’s own Fred Roeder. Fred will be speaking on Wednesday on the subject of “Entrepreneurship and Beyond: How You can be Master of Your Own Life.” You can view the entire schedule here.

The week will end with the Minsk Roundtable where CYCLE founder Lobo Tiggre will moderate a Google Hangout with the attendees for a  virtual discussion on the meaning of liberty. Here are the details:

  • What: CYCLE 2015 Seminar
  • When: November 23 – 29
  • Where: Online

Click here to register today.

For a chance to win $2,500, submit your take on the campus speech debate to the Charles Koch Institute’s first annual Prize for American Free Speech essay contest by Nov. 24th.

Help me get this reporter out of here. I need some muscle over here.

3834995244_c4c05ea4ebWho would have guessed 20 years ago that this quote was not from an overbearing administrator or an angry cop but a protesting professor on a college campus? Whether reflective of campus justice advocates taking the call for safe spaces too far, or symbolic of a major rift between on-campus activists and the mainstream media, this is not a state of affairs one would have predicted back when student protests and press freedom were part and parcel of the same movement. Times, they have a-changed.

With students calling for an administrator’s resignation over an email at Yale, and protesters at the University of Missouri shutting out a reporter with the above quote, the debate over free speech on campus has reached a fever pitch in the past week. Media pundits are commenting away, but news outlets often get the nuances of campus culture wrong, or they look at students as a unified mass rather than individuals with a wide variety of opinions on these events.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical that student voices are heard. (more…)

Here’s the host of Liberty 101’s second section, Economics & Liberty, Creighton University Economics Professor Diana Thomas on why you should check out the course over this Thanksgiving break.

5209107871_48934a6c57_zIn just two weeks, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the United States, basking in the glorious gluttony of a holiday that’s all about prosperity. It’s a nice reminder of what economic productivity looks like in the flesh. Not to mention what it smells like… and tastes like…

But for some, Thanksgiving may bring other questions to mind: Is there such thing as too much prosperity? How about too much profit? Wouldn’t we be be better off in a world without private property where everyone gets to share what we produce equally?

If indulging in Thanksgiving turkey makes you worry about the potential repercussions of economic prosperity, the second section of Liberty 101, the new online course from SFL and Learn Liberty, may have something for you. Beyond the question of whether we really need private property and profit, this section covers some of the fundamental insights of the classical liberal economic tradition. Ideas like spontaneous order, the price system, and the potential downsides of government regulation:

Looking for a ride to the 2016 International Students For Liberty Conference (ISFLC16) on a student’s budget? We’ve got you covered! SFL is partnering with Rally Bus to provide affordable bus rides to ISFLC16.

We’ve set up stops at 13 locations on the East Coast and Midwest, heading non-stop to Washington. Just find your nearest city and book your ticket! 25 people are needed to confirm a bus, so get your friends to hop on as well.

ISFLC16 is shaping up to be the most exciting conference SFL has ever thrown. With special guests like North Korean dissident Yeonmi Park and 2,000+ expected attendees, you won’t want to miss one of the best libertarian celebrations of the year. Now with Rally Bus, you can go without breaking the bank. Book now while seats are still available!

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