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This post is part of a new “Student Spotlight” SFL blog series in which we honor the best and brightest student activists in our network by highlighting the top student, group, and event of the week and share their accomplishments to inspire other leaders to step up their game in advancing the cause of liberty. 

Congratulations to Nikola Ristić, Ana Jakšić, Konstantin Lijakovic, Vuk Velebit, and every member of the Studenti Za Slobodu – FPN (Students For Liberty – Faculty of Political Sciences) for being chosen as SFL’s Group of the Week! This group also works with Studenti Za Slobodu – Srbija (Students For Liberty – Serbia). We want to recognize both groups for their courageous commitment to liberty. They stood firmly for liberty when a group of Neo-Nazis stormed their ESFL End the Drug War Event, and they organized a protest against violence in University Institutions when the Dean of Political Faculty was attacked by two young men. Learn more about SFL’s group of the week from Nikola Ristić:

Group’s Mission & Focus 

Our organization is a student organization whose goal is to develop and promote awareness among students about the importance of civil rights and freedom by encouraging student activism and academic interest for political theory. We are promoting the ideas of individual freedom, limited government and free market economics. To do this in a successful way, our group is highly focused on activism, ideas and social connections. In addition to the above-mentioned protest against violence, an example of our activism is our “Taxpayers March,” which we organized in cooperation with Libertarian Club – Libek from Belgrade, Serbia. We focus on ideas by organizing public panel discussions such as our recent events on marijuana legalization, media freedom in Serbia, and internal discussions about works of political and social theorists.

Our group mainly focus on individual rights and the individual responsibilities that they entail.


When you first discover libertarianism, there are certain names that jump out. It’s important to learn from intellectual giants like Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard, but there are many unsung heroes that are also worth exploring. In this educational series, we hope to introduce students to such individuals. While not all of the figures profiled here explicitly identified as libertarian, they made great contributions to the cause of liberty that are worth acknowledging.

“Government should exist only to try to protect the rights of every individual, not to redistribute the property, manipulate the economy, or establish a pattern of society.” - Raymond Cyrus “R.C.” Hoiles 

Who: Raymond Cyrus “R.C.” Hoiles (1878-1970) was an American newspaper publisher; he bought several newspapers and was the president of Freedom Newspapers, Inc.

Why he matters: R.C. is important to the libertarian movement because throughout his life he advocated freedom through his newspapers. He was a man of principle and always stood up for his beliefs; he reflected his commitment to them in his quote: “What this country needs as much as anything else are newspapers that believe in moral principles and have enough courage to express these principles and point out practices and beliefs that violate moral principles. A newspaper that only tries to run editorials and columnists and news items that are popular is of mighty little value to its readers.” Hoiles’ major concern was government’s public education. He argued passionately for a voluntary, private school system; his libertarian spirit mainly advocated freedom in education and he spent the last years of his life writing about it. The California Press Association honored him posthumously as a “Great Crusader for Individual Freedom.”


December 5th is the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. But, for a substantial number of students on your campus, Prohibition isn’t over. The week of December 5 is the perfect time to use your tabling time to promote the lowering of the drinking age. This is a fantastic topic to get a large amount of attention on your campus since this is of interest to the majority of students.



Tabling Suggestions:

Here are some ideas to get a lot of attention at your table:

  • Hand out custom shot glasses at your table. This will get a lot of attention and is great advertising. You can find custom shot glasses online for a range of prices, but make them as affordable as possible if you go this route.
  • Have a small game of beer pong set up. Obviously don’t use actual beer, but this is a great way to bring people in to your table. While they’re playing, tell them about your event and the issue at hand.


This post is part of a new “Student Spotlight” SFL blog series in which we honor the best and brightest student activists in our network by highlighting the top student, group, and event of the week and share their accomplishments to inspire other leaders to step up their game in advancing the cause of liberty.

Congratulations to Jorge Colindres, Jose Ortega, Oscar Sagastume, Rocio Zaldivar, Christian Betancourt, Azucena Paredes, and the rest of the students at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras that stood up for liberty to prevent a violent university takeover from the Marxist Federation of Student Associations (FAE) and the Revolutionary Student Movement Lorenzo Zelaya (MER-LZ). For their bravery and commitment to liberty, they are SFL’s event of the week!

A couple of weeks ago, the Honduran branch of Students for Liberty (EsLibertad) got together a group of students to oppose the university’s shutdown organized by FAE and MER-LZ on November 5th. It is the first time since the 1990s that these groups face opposition from another group of students. During the takeover day, EsLibertad Honduras members looked for students that were sympathetic to their cause and invited them to stand with them. Meanwhile, UNAH-VS Director Francisco Herrera spoke before an impromptu audience and urged students not to let their academic semester be endangered by a renewed shutdown. They also made their way to the university and informed campus authorities that anyone wearing an EsLibertad pin was there to help keep the university open. While the Marxist student groups removed students from classes and barred classroom doors with padlocks, EsLibertad students retrieved metal cutters to break them.


Go ahead and ask the average person on the street what country has the world’s highest incarceration rate. Russia? China? Iran? Nope. The answer is the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Who would have thought the land of the free leads the way in throwing people in cages, and not one of those awful tyrannical dictatorships (of which America certainly doesn’t count)? While America has a mere 5% of the world’s population, it has 23.4% of the world’s prison population. And yet “the freest country in the world” narrative still dominates the mainstream.

What explains the United States’s burgeoning prison state and what can be done about it? For that, SFL On-Air turns to a grassroots prison activist and an economist who studies America’s “imprisoner’s dilemma.”

The Prison State is one of the most under-talked about and under-studied issues today, despite being an increasingly destructive system. What are its origins? What sustains it? What are the potential solutions? We’ll hear from Dr. D’Amico and Nathan Goodman on this topic on December 10th at 8:00pm EST on SFL On-Air: America’s Prison State: Do not pass go, do not collect $200. If you’re a Liberty.me member, you can register in advance. If not, you can listen in live for free.


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