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Students For Liberty advocates for the principles of peace, individual liberty, and self-defense, emphasizing that coercion is never acceptable.

We believe everyone has the right to defend themselves from aggression, whether from a person or government tyranny.

We reject the notion that the United States needs to act as the world police. We promote diplomacy, free trade, and defensive alliances as the primary means to ensure international peace and security.

Moreover, we firmly condemn any acts of military invasion or aggression between countries, as these actions undermine the very principles we hold dear.


Protect the Second Amendment

Abolish the draft

End the forever wars

Prioritize diplomacy first

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Are you a student interested in getting involved in pro-liberty activism and joining the fight for a more peaceful world?

By applying to join Students For Liberty’s Local Coordinator Program, you can be supported in promoting the ideas of liberty while also developing your skills and meeting many like-minded students from across the world.

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Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.

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