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Students For Liberty Calls For International Community To Stand Up For Ukrainian Sovereignty


Kyiv, Ukraine – Students For Liberty strongly supports the efforts to protect the safety of Ukrainians, including our students, staff, and alumni on the ground.

Vladimir Putin’s repeated behavior goes against every universal value that SFL holds as an organization. We denounce his aggression against a sovereign people. 

Putin looks to the past and believes long-dead empires are reference points for borders and political systems in the modern age. He uses ethnic and nationalistic reasoning to justify invading non-threatening neighbors. Antagonistic nationalism needlessly puts all of Eastern Europe in the crosshairs.

This war exists to cover up Putin’s domestic failures, whether they be economic trouble or cultural and social repression. The Russian public, including young people being sent to die, will bear a massive burden from Putin’s misguided efforts to stay in power.

Dr. Wolf von Laer, Students For Liberty’s Chief Executive Officer, said:

“This aggressive act by Putin and the Kremlin against the Ukrainian people is unacceptable. Students For Liberty works closely with many in Ukraine, and we can all see the suffering of millions of people caused by the act of a power-hungry dictator who has shown himself to be an enemy of human rights, liberty, and peace. 

We urge Russians and the international community to stand up against the brutal and unjust acts of the few oligarchs claiming to represent the Russian people. Our heart goes out to the millions of people suffering, crying, and fighting for a freer and independent tomorrow in Ukraine as well as to the people who are being arrested for standing up against Putin’s regime.”

SFL supports international sanctions and a strong global response that will hurt Putin and his oligarchs as much as possible, while protecting the Russian people.

We strongly call for a reduction of tensions, a ceasefire, and a level-headed approach to the conflict.

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