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Oluwadamilola Adepoju

Oluwadamilola Adepoju

ASFL Programs Associate

Bio: Oluwadamilola joined Students For Liberty through the Local Coordinator Program in 2017, and it has been an awesome experience of learning, networking and growth for her ever since then.

In 2018, she served as the Assistant Team Lead for Nigeria Southwest Region, a role that enabled her to understand what it takes to be an effective leader that advocates for a freer society and become an agent of social change in her society.

In March 2020, She applied for the role of National Coordinator and got selected. She had access to more opportunities to spread the ideas of liberty across communities, states and regions in her country (Nigeria), by guiding and mentoring Local Coordinators to be advocates for the idea of liberty. During her role as National Coordinator, she gained lifetime skills which include: event planning, communication, team leadership, project management, public speaking, team building, capacity training, to mention but few.

In 2021, She was selected as Regional Coordinator for Events in Africa, where she managed the conceptualization and planning of events from the proposal writing stage, budget management to organization of the event.

Oluwadamilola is currently serving as Program Intern at African Students For Liberty.

Favorite figures of liberty: George Ayittey, Adam Smith, Ayn Rand, Tom G. Palmer.

On Students For Liberty: Being a libertarian and actively advocating for a free society is one of my best decisions, thanks to Students For Liberty that has given me the opportunity. I have been privileged to meet, network and share ideas with leaders within and beyond my country.