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Olumayowa Okediran

Olumayowa Okediran

Director of International Programs (Africa & Asia)

Bio: Olumayowa graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria in 2013 and is a committed advocate of liberty. In 2010, he came across the works of Frederic Bastiat, Bruno Leoni and Ludwig von Mises, and developed an appetite for the study of the ideas that lead to a free society. In 2010, he co-found the African Liberty Students’ Organization (ALSO) and served as the vice president for strategy at the first ALSO chapter in his school. Olumayowa has been instrumental in the establishment of the student movement for liberty across Africa. In 2011 he became an ALSO Outreach Assistant and was responsible for ALSO’s expansion in English-speaking African countries.

Favorite Figures in Liberty: Frederic Bastiat, Bruno Leoni, Ludwig von Mises

On Students For Liberty: “I came across SFL in 2010 just after the establishment of ALSO and I have been so impressed by the high level of professionalism exhibited by SFL leaders, the sheer enthusiasm they exhibit is outstanding. Joining the SFL team has been a wonderful experience.”